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About DEEMOStoryTwo people, including the young girl named Alice who plummets from the sky, are essential to the plot of DEEMO. Nobody is aware of her identity or her origins. A sh...
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Two people, including the young girl named Alice who plummets from the sky, are essential to the plot of DEEMO. Nobody is aware of her identity or her origins. A shadowy, enigmatic figure plays music to assist the girl in leaving his world and returning to her own. He doesn’t want to leave her, but he does want to use music to help her retrieve her memories and get back to her world. He uses the piano to plant a unique plant that is sprouting from the instrument. There will be a variety of rooms available for the girls to explore as the tree grows. Everything will be obvious when the last song is played, which will be after many rooms. Through the song’s message, “Goodbye, my lovely sister, Alice,” the girl learns her name and becomes familiar with all of her brother’s stories. When the song is over, Deemo’s entire universe implodes, and Alice awakens in her hospital bed. All that was left in the end were her lovely recollections.


In DEEMO, the gameplay is similar to Guitar Hero, but instead of playing on a guitar, you tap the musical notes in time with the beat. It combines touch, slide, and melody from artistic works. Three distinct play levels are available for you to select from. It’s Simple, Usual, and Difficult. Depending on your changes, the play speeds for each level will vary. The emulated piano keys are shown at the bottom of the screen. To produce a finished song, you must click the lines as they descend in rhythm with the line that creates the music below. Numerous musical notes follow one another. Simple notes were used at first, followed by double notes, and so on. In order to manipulate the best, you must surf when encountering the lengthy note in addition to touching the proper moment when the note fell. You will feel considerably different once you have mastered the game and comprehend the author’s intended story. That is how a true pianist feels. Then you play music using more than just the balance of your hand motions and each tone’s sense of adventure. having a sensitive soul and a caring heart when playing music.

Many touching songs

DEEMO includes a sizable collection of musical works, just like many other video games with a similar concept. It consists of more than 300 tracks in a variety of genres, all by well-known composers. There will be more than 60 free tracks available for Story mode. The majority of the composers of the songs are from China, Korea, and Japan.

Not just a game, it’s an art

DEEMO is more than just a musical entertainment game. The author tells a haunting and moving story, and that is what matters most. The bond between Deemo, a musician, and Alice, a friend, is exemplified in their story. Additionally, the game’s soundtrack serves as a “bridge” for the user to access the narrative. Songs that are soft and deep offer a serene and tranquil feeling, but there is still a soft sadness lurking there. Additionally, the soundtrack really impresses us and serves as a reminder of compassion when mixed with the somber and moody gaming setting. In terms of introducing music to people and spreading their own message, this is truly the apex of a music game. So, it is not an exaggeration to call this an art.

MOD APK version of DEEMO

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Download DEEMO MOD APK for Android

DEEMO has had a lot of success since it has incorporated the complete creative sky into a straightforward game. The editorial division in Taiwan nominated the game for “Best of2013” and awarded it with the title “Best Music Game.” The worldwide favorable response from players is what matters most. In terms of song titles, the game has over 7 million downloads as of 2014. It is true that the DEEMO will come to mind when discussing a top-notch music game, both today and in the future. Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked if you wanted to download the game. If you truly enjoy music, this game will captivate you right away. Through DEEMO’s tunes, feel the heartfelt tales!

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