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Name Death Road to Canada
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Package com.noodlecake.drtc
Publisher Noodlecake
Category Adventure
Version 1.7.2
Size 84M
Requires Android 4.1
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Death Road to Canada: Survive smartly to get to CanadaThe scene is full of zombies, but zombies are really just an excuseIn the context of zombies, ...
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Death Road to Canada: Survive smartly to get to Canada

The scene is full of zombies, but zombies are really just an excuse

In the context of zombies, Death Road to Canada strikes me as a funny adventure tale. In contrast to other games of the same type we’ve played, zombies are only an explanation in this one. The Bible’s “Apocalyptic Curse” calls for an apocalyptic calamity to purge the corrupt world. And this time, there was a zombie army. Death Road to Canada dives immediately into the endless appearance of these zombies without needing to discuss the origin, the infection, or the magnificent relationship between the start of this zombie army and mankind. For some reason, Canada is the only country in this hell where there are no zombies. And you are the sole survivor trying to figure out how to make it past the treacherous trip from Florida to this paradise. Of course, the path to paradise remains in hell. You will encounter numerous threats that will individually endanger your life: no food, darkness all around, ravenous zombies looking for humans day and night who could pounce on you at any time.

Death Road to Canada’s hardcore gameplay

The most crucial necessity in the game is that you have effective control over the four vital survival stats of food, health, weapons, and fuel (this last element is for vehicle-playing mode). Death Road to Canada’s gameplay is pretty peculiar. There are various different styles of play available. The first is playing by yourself, winning everything, and losing everything. From the assortment of characters offered in the outset, you can pick your ideal model. Shoot as many zombies as you can wherever you play to get access to more weapon upgrades, talents, and increased health. You might also open a new character who is more talented than the present one after you have amassed enough. The second option is to play with other players. You can form a group of up to four colleagues and munch the heads of zombies for amusement. Given how fair the game is, you shouldn’t be concerned. Naturally, the difficulty, speed, and number of the zombie swarm will also grow with this game option. Playing with the support of vehicles is the third option. You’ll operate a vehicle on treacherous highways filled with undead. The goal of this game option, which combines racing with zombies as the opponent, is to wreck the automobile, kill every zombie around, and reach the promised land. The manipulation you must perform in the game is also challenging. To master it must have taken a few of your lives (I mean, playing turns). For instance, in solo or cooperative modes. Use the thumb in the bottom-left corner of the screen to move the character around. Click on the hand-shaped icon in the bottom right corner to interact. Knock on the opponent’s hand when using a melee strike. Select the weapon swap button to employ a ranged weapon. However, after some practice, you will be able to combine these moves to make them more effective. Keep in mind that the secret to winning the game is quickness.

Two shining stars in the gameplay

Two aspects of Death Road to Canada’s gameplay stand out. One is a siege event. These are unique middle sequences that you must survive through to the end of the event’s given period. The delightful “surprise” the game has in store for you will be a swarm of undead charging in without a moment’s hesitation; there is absolutely no slow sway here. Your goal is to shoot as much as you can and to survive as long as you can before the event’s clock runs out. The game’s scenario system, which is based on player choices, is the next plus. You are need to make irregular and hilarious decisions. Here’s a little illustration: en route, you’ll run into an empty automobile that has some canned goods inside. Will you consume them? That is a question posed by the game. You will soon pay the price for eating by having a lot of blood in your priceless blood column. Sort of! When playing team mode, the effects of these decisions are even more apparent because every error or emotional decision you make could potentially result in the death of your gaming friends. And you’ll continue the rest of it with profound remorse. After having to make certain decisions and having played the game a few times, I must admit that I had a lot of admiration for the scriptwriters because there were outcomes/consequences that I had never considered. This, however, is a totally unrelated issue and adds a lot of excitement to the game.

Graphics and sound

Death Road to Canada’s humor is supported by a display of vintage 8-bit pixel art. But it’s not your typical 8 bit; instead, it’s a very beautiful retro vintage 8 bit. The game’s “100% human” protagonists are young, attractive men and women with gorgeous skin, extremely cool hair, pop star-like current outfits, and extremely cool shooting guns on their hands. The upbeat demeanor seemed unrelated to the dangerous surroundings. But that is the peculiar trigger that makes the game so hilarious. Regarding the zombies, they don’t have the customary dark blue features, dilated eyes, or spooky sore mouths. They are now just convex, disorderly blocks of color that resemble incomplete human sketches to 8-bit pixel eyes. When you look at them, you might not be frightened; instead, you might just be annoyed and wonder why they were drawn so sloppily. The game’s scene is highly varied and detailed, and the screen is stable unlike some pixel games. Death Road to Canada’s sound and soundtrack are incredibly catchy and intense, which contrasts with the grim tone typically associated with the zombie game genre. Even though your hands are shaking as you move through the forest, you might be eager to sway to the game’s upbeat music.
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Download Death Road to Canada APK for Android

This game is worth playing if you enjoy the zombie genre and you enjoy humor but despise lies, love conflict but despise peace, and enjoy chaos but despise order. Not to mention that the reflective time spent sitting and repenting of your poor decisions may cause your mood to fluctuate like a slide while playing Death Road to Canada. However, the overall message of the game is “Everything will be alright, just smile.” This amusing game is available for free download.

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