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MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about DEAD TRIGGEROne of MADFINGER Games' most popular titles is DEAD TRIGGER. Despite being published later than anticipa...
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Introduce about DEAD TRIGGER

One of MADFINGER Games’ most popular titles is DEAD TRIGGER. Despite being published later than anticipated, it has demonstrated that it is not inferior to super products like SHADOWGUN LEGENDS and UNKILLED. You will appreciate the first-person perspective of combating zombies as you play this game. Prepare to enter unending, intense action battles.


Globally, a mysterious pandemic has taken place. People who have been affected by it have become zombies and are now ferociously attacking other living beings. Both the administration and the army are powerless to stop the disease’s quick spread. This horrible virus soon overran all the nations and cities in the world. The majority of humans become zombies. Few managed to survive. They struggle to survive in an effort to combat the illness.


In addition to being a first-person shooter, DEAD TRIGGER incorporates numerous other elements, including role-playing, horror, and survival. In an open environment, you have complete freedom to move and act. As a result, you can play whatever you want and choose how to dispatch the vicious zombies. The brain is what sets people apart from zombies. They are incapable of thinking or planning, that much is true. You can lure them into a specific location, use big bombs or explosives, and then let them go off. As you move further into the city center, the zombies will become more difficult to control. You must focus and be combative at all times. Nobody knows what awaits you at the end of the path.

Lots of modes

You can decide to play in accordance with the storyline. If not, move in that path because you can participate in as many quest sequences as you choose. Explore more than ten different environments. You can take part in the rescue mode for survivors in four different environments in addition to the campaign mode. Many people are unable to defend themselves from these aggressiv undead. They only have you to turn to. Dive into perilous situations and save the unlucky victims. When you triumph in a battle, the game pays you a prize based on how well you performed. Additionally, the system will unlock more weapons and increase the main character’s features at the same time. Additionally, playing at casinos might help you make extra cash or valuable products. Battle with zombies continues in Dead Trigger 2.


The best weapon against zombies is a gun. Don’t allow adversaries to get close because they have the capacity to destroy from a distance. Players can choose from a huge and potent arsenal of weaponry in DEAD TRIGGER. These weapons, like the Colt1911, Striker, Scorpion, or Minigun, are realistically simulative. Chainsaw and Brain Mill are preferable choices if you prefer melee weapons that have a high degree of destruction. The game features a range of melee weapons and bombs in addition to guns, including blades, mines, laser mounted guns, grenades, and radars.


Join DEAD TRIGGER to experience the stunning 3D graphics. photos that are top-notch, precise, and realistic. Additionally, the effects are epic and highly fluid, guaranteeing to provide you the ultimate viewing experience. If you want to get the most out of the game, you should set the graphics quality to the highest level. To play the game smoothly, a well-configured phone is also necessary.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Even if you don’t have enough money, you can still upgrade your weapons and purchase new goods. You can also try other applications like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, 60 Seconds! Reatomized, and Score! Hero 2022.

Download DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK for Android

A fast-paced shooting game is DEAD TRIGGER. You are continuously in danger, zombies are everywhere, and occasionally you will need to take a short break after a tough battle. It holds a spot on many users’ lists of favorite games thanks to its appealing gameplay and aesthetics. How are you doing? Experience and tell us about it in a review! The game needs players to be older than 16 due to the violent content.

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