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Name Dead Effect 2
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Version 220322.22
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Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Ammo
Introduce about Dead Effect 2The nightmare is still going on. Return to the ESS Meridian and plunge into the night!PlotThe game ...
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Introduce about Dead Effect 2

The nightmare is still going on. Return to the ESS Meridian and plunge into the night!


The game Dead Effect 2 is a follow-up to that title. The ESS Meridian is on its way to the planet Tau Ceti with the aim of creating a new human civilization when odd events start happening to it in the year 2045. Everything is silent on the spaceship, and the game’s opening scene makes you shiver since you already know that horrible things are about to happen. As anticipated, the majority of the crew has hibernated to survive the lengthy voyage. Few people who had the specific responsibility of watching over the ship were awake. All regulations, laws, and moral principles vanish as one leaves the Earth’s atmosphere and enters the uncharted. These sentient individuals went on a rampage to carry out illegal studies and experimentation for no apparent cause. They carry out everything, including advanced scientific research, cloning, and the creation of cyborgs. Whatever transpires, a critical error has been committed. Now, copies of the trials have evolved into mutant monsters and zombies. The spaceship, which was previously a tranquil setting for travel, has now been transformed into a gory battleground. In Dead Effect1, you take control of a volunteer soldier on board a spacecraft whose crew is hibernating. You awaken just as things are becoming really bad and you have to fight to the very end to survive among these horrible things. The events of Dead Effect 2 unfold somewhat differently. With the intention of finding and destroying all traces of the dreadful experiments in order to save the aftermath, including the living individuals, Earth has dispatched a special team of soldiers to hunt for and approach the ESS Meridian. Zombies, monsters, weird objects, and even a few lucky survivors are struggling for their life on the confused ship. You belong to them. This means that in addition to fighting those beasts, you must also keep an eye out for the special forces team’s every move as it approaches.


Dead Effect 2 maintains the majority of the gameplay and controls from part one. The first-person perspective is still used throughout the game. Use the emulation button on the left side of the screen to move the character. Aiming at the targets is done by moving your finger on the screen. Weapons and defensive attack gear, including guns, explosives, and scopes, are located on the right. During the game, these things can be modified via the main menu. However, in contrast to the first installment, Dead Effect 2 provides the characters with an auto-fire feature. You only need to aim, and the enemy will be swiftly destroyed by default when you shoot. Combat effort and duration are greatly decreased thanks to this change. As a result, the creatures that had been stalking the ship for a while now have grown more ferocious, vicious, and murderous. Not to mention that the threat from the other Earth is a factor in the game’s faster pace. With all of that, it will be tough for the character to live if the game doesn’t feature automatic firing.

Game mode

The game features a variety of engaging game modes that are presented as missions. You can follow the plot in Story Mode and learn a number of horrible details about the massacre aboard the ship. The Generic Missions mode will provide many mini-quests to eliminate the various types of roaming monsters. In addition, there are Lone Wolf Missions, Biohazard, Survival, and Infestation modes. You guys should just gradually appreciate each game mode one at a time; there are many of things to discover in each.


You can change into one of the following four characters when the game first begins:

  • Gunnar Davis is a master with heavy weaponry and possesses a large arsenal of weapons that can decimate entire armies. This character is the one you should pick if you wish to melee.
  • Jane Gray is a female warrior with a shotgun specialization.
  • Kay Rayner is a skilled melee assassin who works as a profession.
  • Expert in weapons, particularly plasma and laser, Xandria.

Additionally, Wagner—the professor responsible for the experiments and the disaster—and other supporting characters will be introduced to you, per the plot. He is now always prepared to provide the appropriate instructions out of regret, occasionally disclosing the weaknesses of the monsters for your convenience. Minikin is a person with significant understanding of weaponry and weapon upgrading systems, while Biekik will train the character on equipment and defense. Danette is a skilled tutor for the character.


Each character will engage in combat with three weapons from one of the following weapon groups:

  • Melee fight using more than ten different types of knives, hammers, baseball bats, Katana swords, axes, and chainsaws
  • There are more than 39 different varieties of crossbows, as well as handguns, shotguns, grenade launchers, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, plasma weapons, and laser guns that can be used at a distance.

Dead Effect 2 is famous for more than one reason

The adventure not only demands players with lightning-quick reflexes and a cool mind, but it is also fascinating and exciting. The characters are armed with tremendous superpowers and large weaponry. You have a shot to win if you can just perfect the strategy. But if so, Dead Effect 2 can’t be that well-known. The secret to this game’s battle stages is their integration of RPG elements. Each fighter is organized into classes, and as they go through each stage, they gradually learn new talents while also strengthening their gear and power indicators. In Dead Effect2, there are more than 100 implantable gadgets, protective armor, weapons with more than 40 strains, and upgradeable weapons. It is obvious that Dead Effect 2 is an action game with such an amazing name that offers both exhilarating shooting and long-term companionship with a character with so many storylines.

MOD APK version of Dead Effect 2

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Free ammunition
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Free ammunition

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Download Dead Effect 2 APK & MOD for Android

A first-person shooter with a very complex plot is called Dead Effect 2. Instead of merely playing and shooting like many other games, there is a great beginning and finale. Excellent graphics, especially the design of a few creatures with no heads or tails and blood all over their bodies, which wonderfully capture the terror, loneliness, and great inhibitions of the survivors aboard the ship. The ambiance and sound effects are extremely frightful. Although there isn’t a jumpscare, I still get spooked occasionally by these hideous creatures.

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