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Name Dead Cells
Updated On
Publisher Playdigious
Category Action
Version 2.7.9
Size 2G
Requires Android 7.0Can play offline
MOD Features Unlocked, Unlimited Cells
About Dead CellsExperts have recently lauded Motion Twin's platformer game, which is now accessible on the App Store. Players all across the world are becoming more and more accustomed to an...
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About Dead Cells

Experts have recently lauded Motion Twin’s platformer game, which is now accessible on the App Store. Players all across the world are becoming more and more accustomed to and like Indian games. A good illustration of this is Motion Twin. A 10-person, young and energetic team that consistently transforms original concepts into innovative and even quirky games.

The dead warrior

Thanks to a blend of fluid action scenes with compelling challenges and hack-and-slash gameplay, Dead Cells has excellent aesthetics and gameplay. The game’s protagonist is called Dead Cells; a parasite in the shape of mucus enters the body of a dead warrior, brings him back to life, and this is how the game starts. The good life is here! Despite the fact that you are merely a green mess, the warrior’s body in which you are housed is incredibly flexible because of the precise and fluid control system.


Players did not find the platform game with adventure and action too weird. You have a starter weapon as the adventure starts. Discover dungeons, improve your weapons, unlock new weapons, battle foes, etc. You may win the game by simply repeating that. There are enigmatic tales, weaponry, and energy openings for players in each state. There are various sections on the Dead Cells map. Branches are further separated into each section. Unlike traditional adventure games, you are free to explore any region without having to stick to a specific pattern. The adversary gets tougher with each stage. If you want to carry on with the adventure, you must upgrade your tools and abilities. Remember the most crucial principle when fighting: “Death is not the end.”


The buttons on the right side of the controller allow you to jump (and double jump), toss grenades, set off traps, and utilize weapons, while the joystick on the left side of the controller serves as a motion controller for moving. You won’t be able to mistakenly push the wrong button because to the small size and thoughtful arrangement of these buttons. You can change the buttons’ size and position even if the layout is still undesirable. Additionally, Dead Cells for mobile includes a brand-new auto-attack option that enables melee fighting anytime an adversary comes within a set distance. You may easily get accustomed to the gameplay of the game’s lightning battle by doing this.

Explore the dungeon

You will run into a ton of monsters, traps, and countless goodies while navigating the tricky mazes. You will discover three different types of weapons (classified by color). Additionally, the papers will assist you in boosting health and weapon damage. There are so many alternatives available that you may occasionally become confused. However, the bold test out new weapons to learn new techniques and combinations, from freezing bombs to three-way arrows, from throwing swords to blocking shields. Dead Cells is always thinking up new methods to keep you on guard. Since every level is generated automatically, every game offers a unique experience. To avoid making you feel biased, the enemy layout will also change. The bosses will sometimes appear amid the typical creatures; they move quicker and deal more powerful blows, forcing you to defend yourself. You will eventually pass out and have to restart your quest from the beginning. However, there are a number of techniques to simplify the journey. You can trade the cells you have amassed across regions for unique things. For instance, you can enhance your health regeneration so you can drink more frequently when your blood supply runs low.


The found weapons design diagrams can also be turned in here so you can buy them. If you have the means to save up a set sum of money, you will soon build up enough money to purchase top-tier equipment and pass the initial levels. Additionally, if you eliminate a few unique foes, you’ll acquire a supernatural ability that lasts forever. Some help you teleport between coffins, others let you make vines out of green liquids, and the third lets you leap through walls to reach higher altitudes.

APK version of Dead Cells

The APK version allows you to play the original game. Rise of the Giant and The Bad Seed are the only DLC that is unlocked.

MOD APK version of Dead Cells

Why choose the MOD APK version?

Even though Dead Cells is a premium game, you may download the APK version of it for free at IPHONESIDE. Don’t worry if that still doesn’t satisfy you. Dead Cells’ MOD APK version will satisfy you.

MOD features

Features menu with on/off switches:

  • Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, and Fatal Falls DLC are now available.
  • Unlimited Cells: After using your cells in the game, you will still have a lot of them.
  • Free shopping: As you spend, your finances will grow.
  • The adversary doesn’t make an attack.

You should pay attention

For the MOD functionality to function, you must enable it before clicking Play. Please go to Settings -> Applications -> Dead Cells -> Allow display on top if you can’t view the MOD Menu. You can also try other applications like MeChat, GRID Autosport, and Adorable Home.

Download Dead Cells MOD & APK for Android

Every type of player will like this game. The special doors that can only be opened if you accomplish certain objectives serve as the ideal illustration of this. When you are powerful enough to play successfully in the early stages, you can pursue more goals because they may have stringent time constraints. At times, the objective is to eliminate a particular number of adversaries without suffering any damage (that is perfect for the cautious players). You will feel pleased of yourself for constantly improving, regardless of the style you play. You’ll adore the platformer-action game masterwork from the Motion Twins, as well as the dead cells’ ongoing transformation into a powerful warrior. You can download the Dead Cells APK or MOD version for Android now that it has been released. For daily updates on the most recent news pertaining to this game, subscribe to IPHONESIDE.

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