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Name Day R Premium
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Package com.gm_shaber.dayrpremium
Publisher Rmind Games
Category Games
Version 1.715
Size 147M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Many Items
Introduce about Day R PremiumSometimes, life is more brutal than death.Interesting plot and openingDay R Premium's events are comparable to those in ...
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Introduce about Day R Premium

Sometimes, life is more brutal than death.

Interesting plot and opening

Day R Premium’s events are comparable to those in Day R Survival. In1985, you were in Russia when nuclear war first erupted. At this period, Russia had been hit by numerous atomic bombs. The worst zombie variety I’ve ever seen in mobile games had many people become mutant after being exposed to radiation. One of the fortunate survivors is you. But occasionally, living is rougher and harder than passing away. After all, in order to survive, you must scavenge for food and water while also looking for materials to craft weapons for self-defense and battling a variety of monsters and horrible mutant outsiders. Your objective is to not only live and fight, but also to ascertain what caused this catastrophe (by yourself or with teammates when playing online). Additionally, you must assemble the survivors and lead them on a mission to revive Russia. To learn about what transpired during your voyage across Russia, you must first help yourself locate your memories. Day R Premium begins with a background that is grayish-brown with pencil-drawn images and somber music that suggests danger and mystery. The main character shows up, laying still in the midst of an empty road. It is you who lacks comprehension of what has occurred. Here, you step into this realm. To stand up, simply hit the “Stand up” button. Tap the “Look around” button if you’re holding your head in discomfort but still wish to look around. Everything happens inside such a clear and concise plot, which makes the narrative exciting.

What has been improved in this Premium version?

Day R Premium contains several improvements and adjustments over the previous game. The objective is to provide the players with as much comfort and excitement as possible. You will have 2,500 explosive fuses accessible for use as weapons; all you need to do is gather and store them. Additionally, the map is brighter and clearer than before. There are no longer any restrictions and you can travel to any of the places shown on the map. The most noticeable enhancements come next in Online mode. As needed, you can freely exchange resources with teams and talk with pals without any restrictions. Our protagonist now has a pet companion named Raven and is no longer alone. Even while Raven won’t do much to aid in your travels, at least he will make you feel less alone. It’s better to go with a cute friend than to go by yourself, right? Items that were gathered or made during the game are available on the menu. They are divided into categories such as blacksmithing, sewing, chemistry, sewing, survival, and cooking. In this Premium version, a new section called Blacksmithing has been added. You can keep stuff for your character without worrying about losing them at these secure warehouses.

Is Day R Premium hard to play?

Yes, it is among the hardest games to play and is quite difficult. The game will provide you with a number of difficulties, including those caused by hunger, disease, zombies, radioactive poisons, opponents, severe weather, monsters, and wild animals. Everything is also unclear due to the character’s disjointed recollection, which is similar to being enveloped in a dense fog.

If it’s so difficult, is it worth taking so much time playing?

Yes, yeah, yes is the answer. Compared to previous zombie battling survival games that you may have played, the sense of survival in this game has significantly increased. The difficulty, uncertainty, and risk all arrive gradually. You can’t get by on only your speed or your arsenal of weapons. You have a lot to do to sustain your life in this desolate region in addition to battling, after all.

What can you do to survive?

As I indicated above, the game includes a draft level, so don’t worry too much. You can level up to the darker game modes once you feel confident. Maintain your hope despite the challenges. You’ll be traveling with a lot of supplies in Day R Premium. Your character’s current status is “You are searching,” every time you see them. Weapons are made from these materials. The character itself possesses a vast array of weapons and numerous special abilities. This man is capable of creating 1001 items on his own, including all kinds of devices and tools, weaponry, medicines, and chemical experiments. very divine

Game modes

Four game modes are available in Day R Premium: Sandbox, Real Life, Super Hard, and Online. For those unfamiliar to the game, Sandbox can be thought of as an Apprenticeship mode where you hardly ever die. Real-life mode will be more challenging. Similar to outside of real life, you can lose your life with just one poor decision. The environment around you will change as the seasons change. You’ll journey through the more than 2,700 towns and cities on the Soviet Union’s map one by one. Players with some experience should play this mode. The name of the Super hard mode says it all. Only seasoned gamers have the guts to attempt. You might give it a shot as well. Why not try to identify your limitations? To fight and survive in this youkai environment, you will team up with other online players in the online mode.   

Graphics and sound

Day R Premium’s soundtrack defies expectations for a post-apocalyptic game. It is a bit nasty, depressing, and low. You sense that many perils lie ahead against such a powerful backdrop. Your enjoyment of the game is substantially increased by the well-designed sound that plays when goods are gathered. These noises inspire those who are in need by acting as a modest spiritual consolation. When they are 2D sketches and retro brown image sequences, the graphics have a similar melancholy quality to the music. There are intricate 3D simulations of the game components. The drawings will gradually be replaced by common, vibrant 3D visuals as you enhance both yourself and your equipment with many precious and potent items. They’ll probably lift your spirits. You’ll be really amazed to see the character’s shape alter over time and to experience the strength and energy he acquires as he completes missions in the game.

MOD APK version of Day R Premium

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • Many Things
  • Unrestricted funds
  • Many Things

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Download Day R Premium MOD APK & MOD free for Android

Playing the survival game Day R Premium is worthwhile. You will have stifling times with every event. So let’s test your capacity for survival.  

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