Apps Dana


App Name Dana
Publisher PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe
Genre Apps
Size 43.4MB
Latest Version 2.4.0
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 26, 2021

DANA APK – Indonesia’s Digital Wallet
There are so many apps available in existence right now. There are so many available apps that allow you to enjoy different purposes right now worldwide. There are apps for other purposes, people, and locations today that you’re free to download.

If you want to enjoy a digital wallet app today in Indonesia, you can download DANA right now! This is Indonesia’s number one digital wallet app that you can download for free.

With so many digital wallet apps available right now, you can download a local one today. In this app, you’re free to enjoy many features today, such as using a QR code where you can pay in any shops, restaurants, and more today.

You can also send and receive money quickly to other users by using their mobile number easily. You can also pay your bills here rapidly, such as electricity, water, BPJS, credit card, and many more. Feel free to enjoy other features as well!

Indonesia’s Digital Wallet
The world is filled with many incredible apps that we can use for a variety of purposes now. There are all sorts of amazing apps today where we can manage money effortlessly right now. There are all sorts of digital wallet apps that you can download for free right now.

There are international and local ones available, and you’re free to enjoy all the features today. With DANA, you can have fun with so many features that you can use to manage your money quickly.

With this app, you’re free to easily manage your cash as you can top up easily via different methods. Then, you can send and receive money quickly without any fees using their mobile phones and even a QR code.

In this app, you can also pay your bills so you don’t have to fall in line as you can pay your electricity, water, BPJS, installments, and others. You can also make payments with your debit card using your DANA balance today.

There are also unique features here like DANA surprise, where you can get discounts and cashback.

Highlights of DANA
If you’re someone who wants to enjoy a cashless app today, download DANA now and enjoy a lot of features.

A Cashless App – There are so many amazing apps today that you can download and freely use. If you want an editing app, you can enjoy many; there are also streaming apps available. In the digital age, we can enjoy so many amazing apps today, including digital wallets.

These apps allow us to manage our money easily since we don’t need to hold physical money. With DANA, you can enjoy Indonesia’s top digital wallet today, where you can do many things.

PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe published this app to let users in Indonesia efficiently manage their money. This app was designed to allow users to live cashless lives so they can easily manage their money. Here, users can receive and send payments through the app without any charges, unlike remittance centers or online banking apps.

You can also enjoy paying your bills quickly here as you’re free to pay your water bills, electricity, installments, and more. You can also use this app as a debit/credit card to make payments.

Send and Receive Money – With DANA, you’re free to send and receive payments to any users who also have this app! There’s no charge when sending money by using the app, and users can receive the money quickly.

You can easily send money using the mobile phone number registered to the account of the user. With this, you don’t need to go to remittance centers or use online banking apps to send money.

Pay bills – We all know how tiring and unenjoyable paying the bills can be. They also let us wait in line sometimes for hours during peak days. But with DANA, you can quickly pay your bills right now through the app.

There are tons of billers available for water, electricity, installments, BPJS, and many more. The app makes paying the bills more convenient than ever since you can use your balance to pay the bills. You don’t need to leave the house anymore, saving you time, money, and effort!

DANA Balance – With DANA, you can also use your balance as a debit/credit card to make payments. Here, you can also save your bank cards to seamlessly make payments, top up your account, and more.

DANA Surprise – Another incentive to downloading this app is that it regularly hosts discounts and cashback. Enjoy so many savings and surprises when you download the app today.