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Dan the Man

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Name Dan the Man
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Package com.halfbrick.dantheman
Publisher Halfbrick Studios
Category Arcade
Version 1.10.46
Size 86M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introducing Dan the ManThe first instance of Dan the Man came in March2010, but it wasn't a game—rather, Joho Studio had released ...
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Introducing Dan the Man

The first instance of Dan the Man came in March2010, but it wasn’t a game—rather, Joho Studio had released a number of YouTube movies. Because the graphics in each episode are reminiscent of vintage platformer console games, this series soon gained a large following. The protagonist of the tale is a man named Dan, who lives a typical, happy life in the tranquil countryside with his girlfriend Josie. But then the worst happened. Josie was taken captive by some wicked guys and taken to a far-off castle. Dan had to depart reluctantly in order to battle and look for his girlfriend. He also had to join the expedition. The majority of viewers believe that this series’ visuals and substance would make the ideal platformer game. However, for whatever reason, the Joho Studio team does not create such a game. They may have given each image and video their whole attention and thoughts because they lacked all the essential resources. In partnership with Halfbrick Studios (creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride) and Joho Studio, Dan the Man debuted on the iTunes Store in June 2016 for the first time. Recently, the Android version was also made available.


After the seven portions of Dan the Man, this game is regarded as the eighth. Dark forces are currently destroying Dan’s village. Your goal is to aid Dan in battling the bad guys and defend the village. He will be able to locate and find his kidnapped sweetheart this way. Dan the Man’s story mode consists of 12 levels with numerous objectives that allow players to learn more about the game’s characters and setting. Many enigmatic gems are waiting for you. You can play the game from several different characters, including Josie and Barry Steakfries, in addition to Dan. Barry Burgers? Yes. You are accurate. Jetpack Joyride’s special guest, Barry, is here. It appears that he decided to aid Dan in defending the hamlet since he was getting bored at the labs. It’s interesting, yes? The game also contains two other modes: Weekly and Survival.


The character is controlled by the user using a controller with 5 buttons, including Jump, Left, Right, Attack, and Shoot. You may make stunning combinations that deal a ton of damage by fusing the movement keys with the Attack button. Additionally, the Shoot key is utilized if you own ranged weaponry like knives, shuriken, darts, and firearms made by Barry Steakfries.


The game lets you increase your character’s power, purchase armor, and equip them with weapons to make gamers feel progress through the rounds. Every time you level up, you can also pick up new skills.


Dan the Man has 8-bit 2D graphics, which are typically found in vintage scene games, in contrast to modern games. I’m somehow reminded of the classic Mario game by this game. The design of the characters is adorable. There are many different kinds of opponents, including robots and ninjas. You also get to appreciate a completely different scenery on each stage.

MOD APK version of Dan the Man

MOD feature

The game gives you a lot of money when you download our Dan the Man MOD version (Unlimited Money), allowing you to shop as much as you like without worrying about the cost. Purchase dragon armor, gold armor, swords, and powerups. You may download and use it in just a few easy steps.

Note when using the MOD

Please be aware that before starting the game, you must disconnect from the internet.

You can also try other applications like Total Destruction, Endless Nightmare 2: Hospital, and Jetpack Joyride.

Download Dan the Man APK & MOD for Android

More than 10 million people have downloaded Dan the Man as of right now, and that number is rising daily. The fact that the game won “Best of Games for2016” for mobile is no accident. Are you prepared for an adventure and the princess’ rescue?

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