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Name Daily Diary
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Package com.dailymoods.diary
Publisher Birkendahl Linus
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Version 1.0.5
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Requires Android 6.0
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Introduce about Daily DiarySimple, easy-to-use diary software with a lot of features!Daily journaling can help you not only come to know yourself better and take control of your plans, but ...
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Introduce about Daily Diary

Simple, easy-to-use diary software with a lot of features!
Daily journaling can help you not only come to know yourself better and take control of your plans, but it can also help you live more emotionally and honestly, as well as connect with your inner self. However, not everyone can work in an environment that requires experience and discipline on a daily basis. Keeping a journal with a notebook and a pen necessitates even more dedication because you must keep it with you at all times, ready to jot down when necessary.
The smartphone, rather than the notebook, has become an intrinsic part of our lives. It would be quite useful if you could log on to your mobile device. You’ll need a mobile diary app like Daily Diary to accomplish this.

What is Daily Diary?

Daily Diary is a mobile diaries app. You can use it to keep track of your everyday activities, job, and emotions. This app is 100% free, with no advertisements, and the Lock Log function ensures your protection. You don’t have to be concerned about others prying into your personal life.

Why you should choose Daily Diary

The following outstanding features distinguish Daily Diary from other mobile journaling apps:

  • Select a background based on your mood: Daily Diary offers a variety of themes in various colors and moods.
  • Ability to edit a full and detailed diary: simply enter text, record a voice diary, add photographs, movies, insert stickers, select fonts… You can also change the text formats for each type of entry to match the contents of the day’s diary. For instance, recording the weather with voice, capturing moments of the day with photographs, and recording emotional ups and downs with writing…
  • You can use a numeric password, a pattern password through the squares, a standard password, or a question to regain password support when you need to alter it in Daily Diary’s Lock Diary function Daily Diary keeps track of how many days you’ve been journaling and awards you with commissions, which gives the app a boost in terms of personal expression.

You can choose between two log display options in Daily Diary at the moment, depending on your usage habits. This program also allows you to see your calendar diary to see which days you haven’t journaled.

Tag search

If you keep a paper journal, it will be quite difficult for you to locate a significant occurrence. It’s not like that with the Daily Diary. This program offers a robust search feature that allows for keyword searches as well as log type filters.
You can, for example, locate a diary with a photo, a video, or audio about a certain weather, a specific location, or a specific weather… With a simple tap and word input, you may quickly locate whatever you’re looking for.

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Download Daily Diary APK for Android

The soul is fed by keeping a diary. Begin by writing a few lines per day, then increase your output the following day. Don’t let emotions pass you by unnoticed, and don’t allow life exhaust you or sap your good energy. With the Daily Journal app, you may begin your first diary entry right now.