Cytus II

Cytus II

Rayark International Limited

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Name Cytus II
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Package com.rayark.cytus2
Publisher Rayark International Limited
Category Games
Version 4.6.0
Size 3G
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
Introduce about Cytus IIA real music gameGood music is essential for a music game. You won't be let down by game developer Rayark, who has experience creating games in this genre. ...
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Introduce about Cytus II

A real music game

Good music is essential for a music game. You won’t be let down by game developer Rayark, who has experience creating games in this genre. Songs in Cytus II span a range of genres, including rock music, underground alternative, classical music, and more in addition to the J-electronic style from the original game. These songs aren’t exactly international hits, but if you give them a chance, they just might become your new favorites. More than 50 high-quality songs written by musicians from countries including Taiwan, Korea, Japan, the United States, and Europe are also included in the game. The songs are being played by the players through the characters. from a variety of genres, including classical, rock, and electronic.

A virtual social network

In reality, Cytus II is more than just a musical game. You can access a virtual social network in this game. Your character will get experience points for every game they win, and each time they level up, a new post will be made on the social network. These posts highlight each character’s audacious nature. For instance, Paff, an idol singer, has very few quotations from authoritative sources. A streamer like Neko, on the other hand, is quite the contrary; she has so many posts that you can find her nearly anywhere. Of course, other characters will join in the chat with their tans as well. If you spend some time looking into the deeper significance of these virtual worlds, you’ll discover that Paff and Neko have a peculiar relationship. We won’t tell you that right now. In addition to these two characters, additional characters in the game are interrelated. To cling to the specifics and learn the entire tale, you must be curious and eager to follow the secrets. Men have sex in a closed viral womb, as everyone who has ever read one of our stories will know. All we can say is that.


The game’s visuals have largely improved since the previous iteration, but it still has a distinctive look. The plot and all of the graphics are constructed in an anime-style.

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How to install Cytus II APK + OBB

Although Cytus II costs$1.99, you may play it for nothing by downloading and setting up APK and OBB files. To finish installing the game, adhere to following steps:

Download Cytus II APK for Android

Simply put, Cytus II is a music game with a very straightforward interface that you can learn to use in a matter of minutes. But it goes beyond that. Many intriguing features, many novel experiences, and an affordable price. Cytus 2 is a truly cool game with a $ 1.99 starting price that is undeniably worth more than that.

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