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Introduce about Cross DJ ProProfessional mobile music mixing software with a slew of quick, powerful, and useful featuresDo you want to be part of the trend?EDM is always the c...
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Introduce about Cross DJ Pro

Professional mobile music mixing software with a slew of quick, powerful, and useful features

Do you want to be part of the trend?

EDM is always the current fashion. You may make whole digital tracks and enjoy your own tunes in addition to listening to bright EDM music full of melodies and colors from famous DJs. There are several music mixers accessible for mobile, but only Cross DJ Pro is presently available for professional and long-term use, with the manufacturer’s unwavering dedication.

What is Cross DJ Pro?

Cross DJ Pro is a smartphone-based professional music mixing app. With only a few basic and rapid actions, you can mix music, do all kinds of manipulations with all the sounds you desire, and more. The final product also meets sound quality and stability requirements. Like on a PC, Cross DJ Pro allows you to mix many tracks into a flawless mix using a variety of professional tools, effects, loops, and trimmers. Let’s have a look at some of Cross DJ Pro’s best features to understand why we should download and use this fantastic tool.

Add music easily

Cross DJ Pro allows you to mix music from a variety of sources, including your phone’s library, Android devices, and SoundCloud directly.

Organize the music library in a scientific and easy-to-see way

Before you begin mixing music, it is critical to organize the tracks you have available, both to save time searching and to make more harmonious mixes due to the same genre or original music style. When you download the app, it can precisely recognize the BPM (Beats Per Minute) index to decimals and other detailed information in the music tracks owing to the clever system. This index is used to determine the amount of beats in each song and to aid in the smooth and reasonable mixing of music. Cross DJ Pro allows you to arrange and systematize your music (or SoundCloud sources) by BPM, title, artist, or album in real time.

Edit the audio output

Cross DJ Pro not only allows users to make high-quality sound for mixed products, but it also allows them to alter the audio output, allowing them to profoundly interfere in the sound’s feel. Instead of hearing the sound from both headphones as usual, you can switch to sound isolation mode in just the left or right ear to better hear every sound detail in the song. The Cross DJ Pro’s powerful separation feature will help you hear each of the previous component’s tunes with clarity and detail, allowing you to make better mixing judgments.

Reliable music sync tool

The ability to sync music is a strong suit of Cross DJ Pro. You can combine two tracks on a harmonious synchronization platform with just one or two touches. The automatic sync feature in Cross DJ Pro is likewise very solid and never goes out of phase. The procedure of syncing two or more tracks on Cross DJ Pro is simple and painless; all you have to do is wait a few seconds to get the results you want. If you don’t want to use the automated synchronization feature, Cross DJ Pro has a tool that allows you to edit the exact beat grid and manually synchronize your songs. Even if the final product isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can still tweak it with the Cross DJ Pro library’s extensive transition effects and loops.

Get lots of support before mixing music

Cross DJ Pro not only provides precise identification of the parameters in each audio input to prepare for mixing, but it also provides a number of tiny features to assist users before mixing. To blend tracks with different BPMs, for example, you can automatically modify the BPM without disrupting the main melody of the song. Or, for better and more precise auto-syncing, you can utilize the Autogain feature to automatically equalize the volume levels of two or more tracks.

Cross DJ Pro has amazing loops and editing effects

If there is still something wrong with your intentions after the automatic mixing song is finished, as I indicated earlier, you may absolutely continue to use the music editing effects offered in the application to further alter it. For example, you can manually adjust the pitch range (4 to100%), vary the tempo of the melody in each phase of the song, and manually correct the pitch below by editing the forms of Parallel waves presented according to the song’s melody. Cross DJ Pro has a wide range of loops, including 16 to1/32, slip loops, and 16 big hot-cue pads. You may customize and use a plethora of loops for your audio files.

Record your mix and share it on different platforms

Cross DJ Pro will automatically record the mixes when they have been mixed and the desired product has been obtained, allowing users to store them in a variety of formats and share them on social networking networks such as SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

The audio performance in Cross DJ Pro will impress you

Cross DJ Pro includes a lot of specialist capabilities, and if you want to use them, you’ll need to pay a lot of money on the relevant application. However, with Cross DJ Pro, everything is entirely free and there are no advertisements. Hi & Low-Pass, Echo, Delay, Flanger, Chopper, Roll, Phaser, Brake… are just a few of the amazing capabilities linked to Audio FX processing in Cross DJ Pro. Multi-channel audio for USB-compatible multi-channel soundcards, typical DJ setup: 2 decks, Cue / Play / Sync buttons, and MIDI Controller: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO1 &2, Mixvibes U-Mix… are some of the prominent supplementary features of Cross DJ Pro.

Download Cross DJ Pro APK free for Android

In a nutshell, Cross DJ Pro is a professional mobile music mixing tool with a slew of quick, powerful, and convenient capabilities. This program assists users at every stage of the process, including song storage, pre-processing prior to mixing music, and mixing in automatic or manual modes. It also comes with a plethora of effects to aid in the editing of your recordings. Let’s download Cross DJ Pro and use it to make your own unique EDM beats.

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