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Name CrisisX
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Package com.wygame.crisisx
Publisher Huntergame
Category Adventure
Version 1.8.5
Size 336M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about CrisisXLong tale of post-apocalyptic survival from a lone fighterBackgroundLife is ruined in a beach town. After a deadly epidemic swept throughout the population,...
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Introduce about CrisisX

Long tale of post-apocalyptic survival from a lone fighter


Life is ruined in a beach town. After a deadly epidemic swept throughout the population, the whole population became zombies. The houses are deserted, the landscape is destroyed, and the inhabitants have transformed into monster-like hybrids that are desperate to kill the remaining humans. Although you have the option of playing as a male or female warrior, you are the only warrior present. The town’s difficult living conditions will have to be dealt with, and you’ll have to work to avoid being killed by waves of zombies and other perilous circumstances.


You will be dropped into this dangerous town right away after designing your character by selecting their gender, facial traits, hairstyles, and clothes, like in many other survival games. In order to survive, battle zombies, and finish the game’s numerous quests, you must employ all of your skills. Attempt to live as long as you can! CrisisX forbids you from “swimming alone.” It always provides some detailed instructions with distinct mission objectives. Even beginners can easily catch up. As you proceed through this set of tasks, your survival skills will progressively improve and you’ll have access to more assistance equipment. You must look for food, water, make tools and weapons of self-defense, engage in hunting and fishing, and construct a shelter (which will later turn into a fortress). CrisisX differs slightly from other survival games of a similar nature in that it emphasizes combat heavily. This town’s zombies appear to be newer and more bloodthirsty than those in prior games. They keep pestering you everywhere and at all times. These skirmishes will keep you on your toes and interrupt you frequently. Since I didn’t have the mental capacity to concentrate on constructing when I first started playing, I must admit that I found it a little annoying. Not to add, I had to be concerned about a big decline in my survival statistics. But after a half-hour or so, I began to adjust to the beat and felt less perplexed. Although it’s unclear whether this strategy is superior, at least CrisisX can benefit from this point. Let’s briefly discuss CrisisX’s undead. These once-humans changed into diverse mutants while having the same illness and pathogen. Even though they are all ferociously aggressive, they each attack and move at a distinct pace. You’ll witness a zombie running quickly, charging like an animal, and unkillable with just one shot. Either they travel alone or in groups. You must decide how to fight or retreat in each of these scenarios, as well as the appropriate weaponry and attack techniques. robust and adaptable. That is the key to beating this opponent. You are not struggling to survive alone. A few other survivors are still fighting for their lives, just like you. But if you see them, be on the lookout because they can be selfish and fight against you, or they might be like-minded individuals with whom you might join forces to reclaim the country.   The mix of tasks that the game offers will always be endless, regardless of whether you choose to play 1v1 or form an alliance with other players. No matter how you play, you’ll have a lot on your plate. That’s all there is to say about CrisisX’s fighting. You’ll still need to hunt, farm, breed, tame horses, gather materials to forge your own tools and weapons, and construct a sturdy shelter in order to obtain food and drink. You must continue to pay great attention to the survival stats shown on the screen throughout the procedure, both when battling and when trying to survive. Never engage in combat with a zombie that is sneaking up on you if your stomach is empty or your health bar is low. You’ll lose energy considerably more swiftly during the battle.

Graphics and sound

CrisisX’s 3D graphics are at least passable, if not quite outstanding. Every element, movement, and detail is properly invested. The adaptable character development is quite dynamic, and the surroundings are always in a stark contrast to the individual’s bleak circumstances. The special zombies, in particular, have pretty repulsive appearances, and you can see their terror as they charge at you. The third-person perspective is completely utilized to allow players to see the entire area and to better capture the sense of isolation in this unsettling environment. The zombie fight sequences are also pretty tense. When you can see the entire battle’s progression as well as your character’s expressions and actions, this view is really exciting. To me, the sound is in the middle. Even though there aren’t many special effects, CrisisX’s sound effects have done well in the battles. There are times when everything is a little quiet, but in response, every action of yours produces sound, making the battles rather loud. Or perhaps I’m used to playing games with hand-to-hand combat, so when I switch to this CrisisX survival game, I’m a little let down by the music. There are still some issues with the game. Even though there are directions, it’s possible to sometimes become lost since you’re unsure of what to do next, which somewhat alters the game’s rhythm. The puzzle scenarios are not particularly tense, which gives the game a somewhat sluggish sense. And the variety of the things is also lacking.
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But I’ll still suggest CrisisX if you’re seeking for a simple survival game with a post-apocalyptic concept and reliable 3D graphics. You should take into account the fact that the game requires a rather powerful device. CrisisX is always a fun game to play.