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Crazy Dino Park

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Name Crazy Dino Park
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Package pl.idreams.Dino
Publisher Infinite Dreams
Category Games
Version 2.12
Size 68M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Introduce about Crazy Dino ParkYou are aware that dinosaurs were powerful, aggressive, and extinct for a very long time. But as science advances, extinct organisms can potentially be brought...
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Introduce about Crazy Dino Park

You are aware that dinosaurs were powerful, aggressive, and extinct for a very long time. But as science advances, extinct organisms can potentially be brought back to life using genetic material and DNA. Do you wish to work as an archaeologist recovering dinosaur fossils? The setting at Crazy Dino Park is excellent for doing that. You could even create a park where everyone could view your accomplishments! Together, let’s look at this game!

Find dinosaur fossils

Your objective in Crazy Dino Park is to excavate and construct the dinosaur park. You only need to move there and complete your task because the excavation places are already defined in the game. However, you must pay a set sum in advance in order to access the locations of an excavation trip. The initial cost of this sum—roughly 50 to 100 coins—is fairly low. The coins gradually rise over time based on the level. You simply slide the device to remove the top layer of earth after you enter the excavation. Find any fossil bits that are strewn across the ground, gather them up, and fasten them to the blueprints for the previous dig. The amount of fossils discovered frequently is insufficient to completely fill the plan. because deeper geological layers in the earth may contain them. To find the proper fossils, you must therefore remove rocks or other geological layers during the dig. Unfortunately, only three rocks can be broken using the provided tools, so if you smash those three rocks and still haven’t discovered all the fossils, the trip is deemed a failure, and the money you originally spent will be reimbursed by the system. Gradually, the level of blueprints employed for dinosaur fossil excavation will rise. As a result, you might need to dig again to perfect them. If you need to play again, don’t be hesitant—everyone makes mistakes before they can be considered experts!

Build a beautiful Jurassic park

You will go back to the park to resuscitate the dinosaurs based on the discovered fossils after the plans are finished. You’ll need some sort of elixir to carry off this revival. As a result, you shouldn’t worry about it; instead, concentrate on building the barn to house them. In Crazy Dino Park, the corresponding places have already been established; all you need to do is earn money to unlock them. You can even construct new structures and ornamental items to transform the park into a tourist destination. This allows you to sell more tickets and receive incentives from them, which increases your coin earnings.

Revive the dinosaurs

There are numerous dinosaurs in Crazy Dino Park. As you get access to more game content, you can investigate their forms, attributes, or modes of operation. When you have enough of their fossilized remains, such as their ribs, limbs, and head bones, most dinosaurs can be brought back to life. However, you may also breed them in a lab. The eggs will be produced, but the necessary tools, including DNA samples and related fossil materials, are required. A dinosaur arena is also present at Crazy Dino Park. To defeat other dinosaurs, gather the fiercest and most strong warriors, send them into the arena. You can get lots of viewers and profit greatly!

MOD APK version of Crazy Dino Park

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins: As you spend, your coin total grows.
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Download Crazy Dino Park MOD APK for Android

Crazy Dino Park is a soothing and simple puzzle game. Additionally, the developer frequently hosts events in which you may take part, compete for achievements, and win worthwhile prizes. Finally, the PvP mode allows you to compete against other players.

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