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Cover Fire

Viva Games Studios

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Name Cover Fire
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Package com.generagames.resistance
Publisher Viva Games Studios
Category Games
Version 1.23.0
Size 321M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, VIP 5
Introducing Cover FireYou want to discover a fun game to play because you're bored. There are currently hundreds of different games available, so which one is worthwhile playing? Numerous sh...
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Introducing Cover Fire

You want to discover a fun game to play because you’re bored. There are currently hundreds of different games available, so which one is worthwhile playing? Numerous shooter games with various features are now being released. The best game is Cover Fire, though. The following is some basic facts regarding the game:


An element that contributes to a game’s appeal and exceptional meaning is always the plot. Therefore, before downloading and playing the game, everyone is curious about this issue. The narrative in Cover Fire is both fresh and distinctive. The game transports us to a place where the colors are incredibly enigmatic. Tetracorp, a power, is rising to seize control of the entire planet. At the same time, we “the resistance forces” did everything in our power to combat the evil forces using our natural talents. We will play three characters in the game, switching between them to use their unique skills and weaponry to solve various cases. You don’t simply control the characters in it; you also have to assemble a team of troops with distinct goals by recruiting new members.


Cover Fire compel us to totally commit to the narrative. In order to complete many challenging missions, we must use a huge arsenal. The game’s HD graphics, in particular, create a truly authentic and captivating experience. Players get experiences from the amazing action scenes with smoke everywhere that are unmatched by most video games. The various weapons, which are divided into distinct features for each type, make the method of attack quite realistic. The publisher of the game claims that Cover Fire offers a 3D Touch feature in particular. In a shooting game, this element is absolutely essential. The shooting phase still proceeds swiftly and accurately with only basic actions.

An offline shooting game

When it comes to shooting games, PUBG Mobile is an absolute must-mention. With the same gameplay as in Cover Fire, players must utilize tact and skill to get past the gunmen with ease. If not taken seriously, winning the game will be very challenging and require a lot of time. Of course, Cover Fire is only an offline shooting game in comparison to PUBG. These two series still have certain prominent qualities that are different from one another, though. In order to succeed in the conditions the game presents to you, you need to have solid strategies and talents.

Not easy to win

Although it appears straightforward, Cover Fire makes playing the game challenging. You need to have a sharp intellect and talents to defeat all opponents and free hostages while you’re fully immersed in the game. Additionally, the game lets you enhance your characters’ abilities and weaponry, such as quickening reload times and lessening gun recoil. The level of difficulty that Cover Fire introduces with each mission makes for numerous unexpected outcomes for gamers. Even if you’ve played a lot of shooting games, you shouldn’t be overconfident in your aim. You can feel overburdened by the game’s seemingly insurmountable challenges.


This game most likely enjoyed the support of the game maker. Cover Fire is a very high-quality first-person shooter game featuring in-game scenes that are depicted in detail and inherits superior graphics platforms. The battlefield is intended to feel real, suffocating you with the sense that you are actually there. Dramatic scenes are common in the action. Each scene’s final bullet features an exciting cutscene that engages the gamer. The most graphically advanced mobile game is definitely Cover Fire. In contrast to shooter games, the plot is fresh at the same time. The game offers players realism without sacrificing excitement or drama. This game offers you a fresh experience when playing the FPS game series, in particular with the features that One Man Band adds.

MOD APK version of Cover Fire

MOD features

VIP 5 Unlocked: There are various advantages to unlocking VIP 5, including:

  • 20 percent more gold should be added while purchasing.
  • 15. Maximum energy.
  • 8 tickets maximum.
  • Four maximum number of replays.
  • 20 percent more gold should be added while purchasing.
  • 15. Maximum energy.
  • 8 tickets maximum.
  • Four maximum number of replays.

Unlimited Money: You can use money to entirely purchase characters and weapons. Gold is also the game’s premium money. You receive an endless supply of cash and gold in our MOD version. As a result, you are free to shop, upgrade your weaponry, and interact with the game’s characters. You can also try other applications like Shadow Fight 3, Baseball 9, and Six-Guns: Gang Showdown.

Download Cover Fire MOD APK for Android

In general, Cover Fire is a fun game with stunning visuals and engaging gameplay. Download Cover Fire right immediately to immerse yourself in the exciting action sequences if you’re bored in your free time. This game won’t let you down, I guarantee you.

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