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Name Coromon
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Package com.tragsoft.coromon
Publisher Freedom! Games
Category Adventure
Version 0.6.10
Size 133M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Coromon: Adventure and collect mysterious creaturesCoromon's deep and engaging plotA game called Coromon is modeled on the well-known Pokemon...
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Coromon: Adventure and collect mysterious creatures

Coromon’s deep and engaging plot

A game called Coromon is modeled on the well-known Pokemon game from years ago. It all began in the country of Velua. Here, mankind and mythical creatures known as Coromon coexist in harmony and happiness. Then, of course, six Titans showed up one day. Titan is extremely powerful and constantly seeks to disrupt Velua’s natural order. The Titans wanted Velua to descend into conflict and annihilation because they were evil. Additionally, a covert group called Lux Solis was established to deal with these Titans. Young heroes from all across the world come here to congregate. They intend to train strong Coromon creatures to battle the Titans. More than 120 different species of Coromon can be found in Velua. You can combine two species to produce a hybrid that is stronger than both of its parents.

The plot is deep, but gameplay is quite easy

Players will take on the role of a member of the Lux Solis organization. Finding, taming, and training as many Coromon as you can to turn them into a potent army will be your responsibility. Together with other brave adolescents, they set out to destroy Titan. For each individual Titan, you can divide your army according to its strengths and weaknesses. You spend a lot of time watching the dialogue between the game’s humans and animals because the plot is so crucial. Follow the directions and touch the items you want to select. Turn-based strategy gaming is featured in Coromon. You won’t feel out of place playing this game if you’ve ever played a Pokemon game. All you have to do to win the battle is select which Coromon’s skills to use. In general, the game is pretty simple to comprehend and play.

The fun not only about Coromon and Titan

But also throughout the entire game. You can select your character’s attire, hairstyle, accessories, and even visit a barbershop for makeup when you first begin playing. This is funny to me, but I bet many of you enjoy this section. There are numerous tiny towns that double as arenas around Velua. You continuously have new experiences as the environment, including the room, surroundings, color, and topography, changes. You’ll interact with intriguing NPCs and have the chance to acquire powerful, rare Coromon. On to Coromon next. Despite the fact that they are still merely pixel images, you can clearly discern the species traits, color, and strength scores. As many Coromon as you can should be captured because each one can be captured in a different way. The main draw of the game is its diversity. Along the way, in addition to fighting Titan and capturing Coromon, we are also tasked with a plethora of other objectives that take the form of riddles or other mini-games a la the original Pokemon game. By completing these tasks, you will gain extra resources or tools that will make it easier for you to catch Coromon.

Graphics and music awaken the kid in you

Coromon will undoubtedly be adored by everyone who previously enjoyed the PixelArt aesthetic in vintage console games. The designers put a lot of effort into making 120 Coromons. Despite being simply pixels, they still accurately depict the lines, shapes, and characteristics of each original species in that Coromon. In addition to the nostalgic PixelArt aesthetics, the game’s music is something I really enjoy. The game’s more than 50 interwoven tracks, which are present in every scene and setting, delight gamers to no end.

MOD APK version of Coromon

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

How to use?

To have a lot of money, you must play the saved game in slot 0.
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Download Coromon MOD APK for Android

The game has not yet been formally released on Google Play; testing is still ongoing. To play this game, click the link below to get Coromon MOD APK.