Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness

Zenlife Games Ltd

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Name Cooking Madness
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Package com.biglime.cookingmadness
Publisher Zenlife Games Ltd
Category Arcade
Version 2.1.5
Size 179M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Introduce about Cooking MadnessBecome the expert chef you've always envisioned yourself to be!Get yourself in a real cooking craze...
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Introduce about Cooking Madness

Become the expert chef you’ve always envisioned yourself to be!

Get yourself in a real cooking craze

Cooking Madness will give you the opportunity to pursue a remarkably alluring job and is connected to the reality TV program Chef, which is incredibly popular. It doesn’t seem that difficult to become a chef. However, it is not at all simple to become a professional chef, have a highly-skilled, good thinker, manage important things clearly and cleanly, advance to higher titles in one’s job. You will become a well-known chef in the entire world thanks to Cooking Madness, owning a number of high-end restaurants.

Essential skills of a chef

As a chef, you will be required to create a variety of mouthwatering dishes from all around the world. You won’t have trouble with any kind of cuisine. You’ll need to learn all the ingredients and culinary techniques required and utilize this knowledge to develop a variety of original meals. My own opinion is that you should experiment with all of the kitchen’s tools before you get too busy. Make sure you comprehend them all and utilize your culinary abilities to create delectable foods. When the cookware was upgraded later, it was no longer awkward to touch the newer dishes.

Time management, the core of successful management

You are more than just a chef in the game. Additionally, you are the principal accountable party for your restaurant. Of course, the restaurant’s goal is to provide satisfying, high-quality cuisine on demand, especially on time. Serve each customer exactly what they ordered without letting them wait longer than they can stand it. When you do well, visitors will give you money and compliment points. You can regenerate, manage, purchase additional ingredients and new kitchenware, renovate the restaurant, and recruit more waiters with the aid of money. Even better, as time goes on, you can save money to establish a chain of high-quality eateries around the city. You may display your status, increase restaurant popularity, and draw more customers in the future by giving compliments. Although it seems simple, as you go through the game’s levels, you’ll discover yourself turning into a crazy chef. You’ll be always busy, and the numerous orders in existence are setting your mind on fire. Some guests choose the main course, some the dessert, while yet others wish to sample a variety of mouthwatering fresh seafood dishes. You must take precise notes, choose the proper ingredients, follow the recipes, and set up the cooking service’s order in advance. The wait is excessive and the food brought to the table are exactly what each visitor requests so that no one is left out. Only then can you hope to have everything under control and maintain the restaurant’s reputation and earnings at a steady, even pace while pushing the keys nonstop and tapping furiously on the screen.

Cook and discover various new restaurants

You will get the chance to visit restaurants with a variety of culinary techniques as a professional chef. If everyone does their job well, wherever you go, it won’t take long for you to amass a sizable sum of cash in tips from customers and a horrible reputation (especially those who like to eat combos). Once you have enough Key Cards and enough money and reputation points, you can start operating your own restaurant (by unlocking the restaurant). More eateries become accessible as levels increase, offering diverse and interesting experiences.

MOD APK version of Cooking Madness

MOD feature

Countless Diamonds


When you purchase energy, your diamonds grow.

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Download Cooking Madness APK & MOD for Android

Cooking Madness is a cooking simulation game that will keep you engaged while playing thanks to its vibrant graphics, quick game rhythm, interesting cooking, and frequent unlocking of new difficult levels.

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