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Introduce about ConceptsWrite notes, sketch storyboards, and more on the endless canvas.Even if it isn't a design, drawing, artistic note-taking, and simple to advanced design are always re...
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Introduce about Concepts

Write notes, sketch storyboards, and more on the endless canvas.
Even if it isn’t a design, drawing, artistic note-taking, and simple to advanced design are always required. This necessity is far more frequent and enhanced when it comes to design. A specific drawing and design application, such as Concepts, is required on both sides.

Why should you need a sketching tool?

Not everyone is gifted with the ability to draw and design. It takes a lot of effort and investment to pursue sketching as a hobby or as a hobby. Brushes, paper, and drawing processes are all different. Rather than learning to draw by hand, you can utilize a mobile tool such as a small drawing room to allow you more creative freedom.

What is Concepts?

Concepts is a free, ad-free program that allows users to create professional-looking sketches. Disney, Playstation, Philips, HP, Apple, Google, Unity, and Illumination Entertainment are among the companies that already use Concepts to create.

Advantages of Concepts

This software provides you with a free and open environment to think and create. You can take notes, doodle, draw concept thoughts, and sketch individuals with a feature-rich tool like Concepts. You can then share it with your friends or customers.
Concepts is now compatible with the most up-to-date electronic pens, as well as Chrome OSTM. As a result, Concepts may be used with virtually any pen in practically any setting.
Concepts can be described as the ideal blend of artistic imagination and basic and advanced sketching concepts, which will assist you in producing high-quality sketches without spending a lot of time and effort.

Is it difficult to manipulate Concepts?

It’s not tough if you’re committed to learning the fundamentals from the beginning. To begin manipulating, forming molds, and altering the forms formed, simply place two fingers on the touch screen or use an electronic pen.
Listen to your mind’s voice for the first few times. Allow plenty of time for it to adjust to the previous procedure. As you grow older, your creative abilities will blossom, and you will be able to fly using your imagination.

Is the quality of the sketch image good?

Even if you save the original image to your computer or export it to an image file or a PDF, all strokes are always visible and smooth, even when zoomed in several times.
This capacity to keep high-quality photographs assists you in achieving the greatest outcomes when sharing with clients or friends via various communication platforms.

You can also try other applications like Signal, KUNI Cam, and Google.

Summary of key features

The sketching process is aided by Concepts’ many detailed features, which include:

  • Select details on various drawings are copied, sliced, and pasted.
  • Painting with varied strengths and weaknesses of pens is much easier with this feature. Pressure, inclination, and velocity all affect the stroke, as does smoothness, which can be customized.
  • Unlimited canvas, a variety of papers, and bespoke grids are available.
  • Every tool has the ability to be customized.
  • Support for artistic color picking and mixing with the COPIC color wheel

Sketching can be done in a variety of ways thanks to the use of vectors. That means, all you have to do now is alter the color, size, and smoothness of the shape you just made.

  • For a clearer and more precise sketch, you can use direct capture and alignment tools.
  • Export drawing files as pictures or PDFs for easy printing or distribution to partners and clients.

MOD APK version of Concepts

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Concepts APK & MOD for Android

Concepts is a sketching program that anyone can use, whether they’re a complete beginner or working in the design industry. Install Concepts on your device and you’ll be able to freely construct whatever you want, realizing even the most bizarre and improbable ideas.

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