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Name Clan N
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Package creamative.clann.v1
Publisher Creamative
Category Action
Version 1.5.1
Size 123M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Clan N: Good and Evil from the Far EastAn action game with a good storylineThe conflict between Good and Evil is the game's central theme. You are aware that devils were once angel...
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Clan N: Good and Evil from the Far East

An action game with a good storyline

The conflict between Good and Evil is the game’s central theme. You are aware that devils were once angels before they turned into demons, just like the mythology of the “Angels” and “Demons” that is frequently featured in these types of epic legendary games. Akuji, a samurai in Clan N, was mentioned. Akuji amused himself with some exploration. But all of a sudden, he understood that this universe was only normal from the outside, while the three components of Peace, Knowledge, and Time—which together make up the entire realm—are always roiling with internal contradictions. This means that when one of the three aforementioned things cannot be harmoniously united, this planet will end one day. Akuji began to perform the dark technique to draw the aura of heaven and earth as she gave it some thought. When Akuji finally ended, everyone realized what had happened: beastliness emerged, unrelenting greed turned into a monster. He was later discovered and expelled (Ninja follow Ninja’s regulations). Only four people survived the cyclone that killed everyone in Clan N in the past due to greed, magic, hatred, and knowledge. This person wants everything in the world that everyone wants (four of your characters). Well, he didn’t forget to kill and then absorb the aura of an unfortunate Ninja who had once been a friend before he established a new base. He can now blanket the entire dismal atmosphere for the entire world because he is incredibly strong at this point. Luckily, four talented Ninjas live and reunite, relying on one another’s strength, continually enhancing their abilities, and developing real Ninja magic in order to one day beat the renowned final boss Akuji.

Behind Clan N is a big ideal that makes every epic heart sobbing

You will be guided into the various parts of the plot as you read the descriptions of the many characters. Old arguments, family feuds, Akuji’s wicked path, and the interactions between the four main characters will all eventually come to light. inevitably led to the single objective of illuminating the four heroes’ combat and survival dynamics. The four of them came to an understanding and joined forces to fight their shared foe, Akuji. Because, as the monk Tarou remarked, “we are swinging our swords to save the world, not just swinging our swords for each other.” With the four Ninja, there is a greater task in addition to vanquishing the evil foe that they will accomplish by eradicating the original evil, namely restoring the planet to its former equilibrium and serenity. Restore the harmony to the spiritual energy that Akuji had been draining for a long time. The much higher ideal—much higher than identifying and eliminating the adversary, something akin to saving the world—is the reason role-players in epic action games fight the game. The epic game enthusiasts’ generation has been given a powerful message by Clan N that is worth downloading and playing every day without becoming bored.

The world is mysterious, people are full of magic

First, unrelatedly, I want to return and discuss the game’s name. You know, giving a game a name is an art. Designed to be appealing, simple to remember, and quick to type. Clan N can perform any task. Such minor impressions are typically unimportant to me. However, after reading the name and hearing how it was explained, I was incredibly pleased and intrigued by the game. A legendary clan of samurai from the Far East is called Clan N. Now, it resembles a club. Everyone who enters swears to uphold the world’s balance and defend the monarchy. The group became reduced to four members—our four major characters—after a few incidents like the ones described above: The four main characters’ names are as follows:

  • Akira, a ninja, carries swords with lightning-shooting capabilities.
  • The Scepter Specialist, Reina She has dominion over the earth, triggering a variety of earthquakes.
  • Daiki, swing two swords. A sequence of large and tiny tsunamis can be produced.
  • Dragons can be called by Tarou monks.

Every epic game always has a compelling storyline as its main draw. And Clan N excelled greatly. The manner of questioning is engaging and in-depth. The characters are interesting, attractive, and talented. But it’s not enough for me to click the down arrow on the game.

The world is beautiful and full of “technology”.

I want to discuss Clan N’s gameplay and aesthetic. There are now 7 different levels in the game, 50 extras, an undetermined number of monsters, and minor obstacles to overcome. Addicts of fantastic mobile games have long desired that. The cost of the game increases with the number of add-ons and supporting elements. Samurai clothes are highly striking even though it is a role-playing game, a particular classical genre, the fast-paced fighting style, hazardous assaults, and very modern as future games. Clan N now sports a new wine-old vase that is quite gorgeous and simple to “get drunk” on thanks to these two plus aspects. The graphics, in my opinion, are another very subtle point. Clan N’s pixel art is really perceptive and well-detailed. Each frame contains too many minor details, but they are all distinct and have a certain level of depth. Not to add that the air is thick with the stench of war, and the darkness is oppressive, yet one must forget to blast the spirit of the former Far East.

MOD APK version of Clan N

MOD feature

Unlimited Cash: You have a large amount of cash.
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