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Name Chicken Gun
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Package com.chaloapps.roosterrudy
Publisher Chaloapps
Category Games
Version 2.9.01
Size 190M
Requires Android 4.4Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Chicken GunGunfighting amongst chickens! Have you become weary of playing shooting games nonstop? Sure, I am. What if I was an animal and waged war with a gun? I wondered one...
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Introduce about Chicken Gun

Gunfighting amongst chickens! Have you become weary of playing shooting games nonstop? Sure, I am. What if I was an animal and waged war with a gun? I wondered one sunny day. I searched, and surprisingly, the stunning logo of this Chicken Gun game caught my attention.

A new and different cockfighting game

Many nations’ traditional specialties include cockfighting. I am aware that many of you are likewise interested but have no opportunity to do so. Play Chicken Gun right immediately if you want to have a very amusing chicken shooting experience without having to gamble as I did. You have the option to select your “fighting cock” character at the start of the game. You can select from a detailed description of the colors used in its feathers, majestic crest, and smug expression. After looking good, don’t forget to give your cock a name. Then immediately let the battling cocks to engage in combat. Our war cock will elegantly pull out a rifle, start hunting, and start shooting the obstinate roosters that are threatening to intrude on your property without permission.

The operation and sequence are easy to play

Simply select your weapon and tap the target to fire. Done! Everything is tidy, structured, and laser-focused. You will earn points for each enemy you eliminate. Once you have earned enough points, the system will deliver one or more goods for you to select in order to “level up” your pet. You can select extras like paper, belts, hats, and coats… Additionally, you can select a new weapon with a new damage, speed, and spread when you acquire more points. Even a group of hostile roosters can be eliminated with a few unique weapons. When you have enough points, you can, up to a degree, even select a more regal cock character for yourself. I might have to tell you up front that it will take a lot of points. Of course, there are obstacles along the route to success besides roses. The system’s decisions must be made while enemies multiply and obstacles become more disorganized. Your speed and ability, however, must wait. Fortunately, our chicken will never have it worse than the opponent because the bonus mode in the game is extremely frequent and rich.

Things that should not be mistaken in this cockfighting game

You are little more than a rooster with a large, flabby belly, despite fighting with a rifle like a genuine person. Therefore, when playing Chicken Gun, don’t picture yourself playing with poise and heroic speed like the heroes you’re used to. You’ll move in a very adorable and wonderful way, sometimes even too slowly; occasionally, you’ll even dance ridiculously slowly. Also keep in mind that your adversaries are just as stubborn as you are, so you can never easily launch an attack on them. They will continually move and hop around, making it difficult for you to locate them and aim your rifle at them. Additionally, take care not to come too close to the target lest you get jumped in and lose your life.

It’s a shooting game with extreme entertainment

The first one talks about the game’s 1001 Shades and character creators. The pet’s face and expressions are particularly amusing in Chicken Gun. He is stately, fierce, scowling, and cranky with a rifle in his hand. When he loses the struggle, though, his face is horrified and cowardly in an absurd way. You will laugh so hard it will hurt when you look at him. Not to mention that the transition shots with the fat body and the big belly swinging back and forth look really absurd. The opposing cocks have a similar comical aspect. Even without playing, the game is really entertaining because to how they are arranged in the 3D landscape.

Image and sound in Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun’s visual effects are expertly created to look like they belong in a real simulation game. The surrounding surroundings and the 3D effects in the transitions did a very nice job, looking like the actual thing, despite the fact that the primary layout of the game is shooting from the first view. There isn’t anything to complain about with the sound, which is also rather basic. Chicken Gun promises to transport you to the realm of the prettiest amusement by using soothing background music to highlight gunshots, footsteps, and various conversations.

MOD APK version of Chicken Gun

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

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Download Chicken Gun MOD APK for Android

Playing Chicken Gun is worthwhile. Let’s shoot without any tension. Play the game right away after downloading it.

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