Chapters: Interactive Stories

Chapters: Interactive Stories

Crazy Maple Studio Dev

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Name Chapters: Interactive Stories
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Package com.mars.avgchapters
Publisher Crazy Maple Studio Dev
Category Games
Version 6.3.4
Size 108M
Requires Android 4.4Network required
MOD Features Unlocked
Introduce about Chapters: Interactive StoriesChoose your own love storyChapters: Interactive Stories offers a far larger selection of stories organized into more categories than My...
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Introduce about Chapters: Interactive Stories

Choose your own love story

Chapters: Interactive Stories offers a far larger selection of stories organized into more categories than My Dog Girlfriend and My Nurse Girlfriend (both of which only had one story each). Do you enjoy reading love stories between a girl and a man who is her brother’s friend? A nerdy guy and his childhood best buddy falling in love? Or maybe a typical female CEO of a significant business? This game involves everyone. Sweet, CEO / Billionaire, Bad Boys, Mystery / Thriller, Fantasy, Fake Relationship, and more categories are used to group love stories. You can pick a romance narrative you like and become lost in it. The game also places the most well-liked tales at the top of each category. So that you can select the best love story from the Chapters: Interactive Stories.


Visual novel video game gameplay is not very complex. You will go through each chapter in a style that is incredibly pleasant, much like how you would read a book. Chapters: The main character’s remarks and photos are used to tell Interactive Stories. You must assist him (or her) in figuring out how to flit about and entice your ideal partner. 149 books are available right now on Chapters: Interactive Stories. Although the gameplay adheres to the plot, this does not mean that you are taken on an established story. Every story has many twists and turns, and you can decide how to steer the narrative. Love stories are neither good nor bad as literature. Every decision you make takes you in a different direction. It is entirely up to you whether it is joyful or sad. You can choose games with content that appeals to you by reading the descriptions of each narrative.

Customize the character

Chapters: Interactive Stories is excellent for fans of fashion in addition to romantic love stories. You can change the character’s look, including their appearance, clothing, hairdo, and skin tone, before the game ever begins. Additionally, you keep picking outfits that are appropriate for the occasion or party your character is attending. Although the clothes of the characters don’t really effect the plot, having confidence in your appearance can help you come up with more original ideas.


Chapters: Interactive Stories is a collection of narratives presented through 2D graphics and text. I was quite amazed with how the characters were created; they are all very attractive. In addition, the background has a complex design with numerous colors. Although the game contains some music to go with each story, it doesn’t significantly alter your experience.

Hardware requirements

Chapters: Interactive Stories is a game with a relatively low hardware requirement due to its 2D graphics and straightforward gameplay. Many Android devices, including mid-range phones, can be used for gaming. The size is only approximately 100MB, thus there aren’t many memory demands.

  • Playable on Android 4.1 and higher.
  • 100MB is required for memory.
  • Internet is necessary.

MOD APK version of Chapters: Interactive Stories

MOD features

  • Chapters Opened
  • Unlocked Cards
  • Numerous Tickets
  • Chapters Opened
  • Unlocked Cards
  • Numerous Tickets

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Download Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK for Android

I’ve gone through a few Chapters: Interactive Stories books, and I thought they were extremely impressive. I found myself absolutely engrossed in a variety of surprising and fascinating stories. The game introduces a lot of elements in each chapter that pique players’ interest and tempt them to play another. The game is comparable to a lecture on social skills and appropriate behavior. I gained confidence and learned how to flirt when I met the girl I loved thanks to the game.

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