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Name Cell to Singularity
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Package com.computerlunch.evolution
Publisher Computerlunch
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Version 12.52
Size 109M
Requires Android 5.1
MOD Features Free Shopping
Introduce about Cell to SingularityA simulation game called Cell to Singularity was released by ComputerLunch. Despite being available since ...
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Introduce about Cell to Singularity

A simulation game called Cell to Singularity was released by ComputerLunch. Despite being available since April, it still has a large following. More than 10 million people have downloaded the game, and it has thousands of reviews on Google Play. Come play IPHONESIDE with me to learn what makes this game special.


Cell to Singularity’s gameplay is based on a simulation that is both amusing and instructive. In order to advance and evolve spores from the simplest to the complex, you must collect cell molecules in the game. To gather these cell molecules, all you have to do is click on the screen. From then, the world gradually took shape with the emergence of creatures, animals, and humans. You can gather a cell molecule with each touch. Additionally, the game lets you gather up to 10 elements at once. In order to extract more, you can use all of your fingers.

Evolutionary Tree

An evolutionary tree is the model used to construct the complete evolutionary process. It will demonstrate how the world has grown as well as how cells, plants, and animals have evolved. The earliest cells on Earth will serve as the root of the evolutionary tree. The first creatures will then emerge once they have gone through the stages of cell division. Humanity then appeared, and civilisation as we know it today started from that point.

Animal world

Different animal evolution has occurred at each level. However, ever since the first amino acids, the building blocks of life, first appeared. Then came the emergence of genetic material such as DNA and eukaryotic cells. Then there were mammals and people.

The evolution of the organism

You see different developments at various phases. From the Stone Age, when humans had primitive tools, to the present day, humans have advanced. The game provides full insights at every level of growth. As a result, you can comprehend each stage of the organism’s evolutionary development better. Each new period is indicated by an indicator that appears on the right side of the screen.

Human civilization

When humans first emerged, human civilisation also started to grow and advance. To advance civilization at this point, you must both gather cells and civilization points. By clicking the screen, you can also accumulate civilization points.

Special species

As you are surely aware, there were no humans on earth millions of years ago. The dinosaurs are the species that currently rule the planet. However, the dinosaurs went extinct as a result of the meteor catastrophe. The game will transport you to a location called Mesizoi valley during the adventure. Dinosaurs of many different species formerly roamed the earth. To understand more about this enormous beast, you travel back in time to the prehistoric era.


The stunning 3D graphics of Cell to Singularity are its foundation. The graphics in the game is not very intricate, but rather in a straightforward simulation manner. But the game’s eye-catching design and varied levels let you observe each stage of the evolution of the world. You may notice many colors and shapes in each scene and place. Overall, many players adore the stunning graphics in Cell to Singularity.

MOD APK version of Cell to Singularity

MOD feature

  • Free Purchasing
  • Free Purchasing

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Download Cell to Singularity MOD APK for Android

As it turns out, Cell to Singularity is a game that is both fun and instructive. To relieve the tension and weariness of work, you can find entertainment whenever you want. Alternately, you may let kids over the age of 10 play while they learn about how the world came to be. Why wait to experience it when you can download Cell to Singularity MOD APK right away?

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