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Name Cats & Soup
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Publisher Hidea
Category Games
Version 1.9.7
Size 39M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Free Purchase
Introduce about Cats & SoupThe fantastic cookery game has adorable cats! One of the top independent games on Google Play in 2021 was ...
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Introduce about Cats & Soup

The fantastic cookery game has adorable cats! One of the top independent games on Google Play in 2021 was Cats & Soup. Have you ever questioned how a girlie game with soft hand-drawn graphics and pastel hues can leave such a lasting impression? We cordially invite you to explore the world of Cats & Soup and take in its egocentric splendor.


In the game, you are taken to a tranquil animal forest where cats of all hues and sizes coexist together. Each cat only performs one task, and the finished item produced by one cat becomes the raw material for another cat. Together, they continue exchanging in this manner until they have prepared delectable and sweet soups for the entire cat forest.


Cats & Soup is the ideal game for unwinding and quick weekend enjoyment since there are no enemies, no battle, and no harmful weaponry. You will undoubtedly adore it if you enjoy cat bosses. Cats of every variety have collected in this oddly adorable woodland. Norwegian wildcat, Maine Coon, Siberian, Ragdoll cat, Himalayan cat, British Shorthair, and They are made to look incredibly attractive by the delicate, smooth hand-drawing and the joyful rhythmic movements. For cat enthusiasts, this forest is more than just a collection of felines; it’s a woodland straight out of a fairy tale. You can freely interact with all of the cats here after you enter the forest. Put flowers in their hair, dress them up in lovely clothing, caps, and accessories. Along with taking pictures and feeding them fish you’ve caught playing the game’s minigames, you can also give each cat a moniker. Your job is to assign each cat in the forest to a particular chore and supervise them while they prepare delectable soups. Their responsibilities will include chopping, slicing, peeling, washing, and choosing ingredients as well as gathering firewood and building a fire. You don’t need to worry too much because the cat will automatically complete the task after being allocated to it and go on to the next phase. Because the soups are more intricate than they were initially, you should plan your time and work efficiently. In addition to handling the primary task of making soup, you also need to assist your cats in building a home and promote the cat village in order to sell soup. You sell the soup you make successfully to earn gold coins. The valuable products that will be purchased with this gold include cooking utensils, cooking supplies, building materials for cooking spaces, rest places, and amusement facilities for the cat population. You will once more assign the new item to the cat village and begin the processing and cooking procedure. The game’s controls are fairly simple. Everyone at any age can play. All you need to do is touch the screen and adhere to the provided directions. Any cat can be dragged to the work area and then released there, allowing him to do it on his own. Touch the soup after eating it and sell it for cash. To purchase ingredients and supplies, tap the item at the corresponding store if you have money. Build and continue to simmer the soup. The more money you have, the more unique materials you can buy to hasten the soup’s cooking process and get more unusual recipes. The feeling of improving every day is what’s intriguing in this situation, not whether you win or lose the tournament.

Graphics and sound

You might find it hard to believe, but I choose to play this game because of its overly indulgent artwork rather than because I adore cats (I only prefer dogs). Even though it’s merely a 2D game, it’s one of the rare ones where I have to spend so much time discussing the visuals. The 2D artwork of Cats & Soup is beautiful. The hand-drawn aesthetic used in the game’s design is reflective. The use of soft pastel colors and vivid, ethereal pen strokes creates a community of cats who are so emotionally charged that players can’t help but compliment the bosses’ cuteness. The game does a good job of integrating the time of day and a weather model. The morning scene is different from the evening one because it is sunny and rainy. The game includes a technique to alter your mood for the better whenever the weather changes. You’ll discover that you’ve forgotten how lovely each passing moment is while you play and experience the changing of the day. As if you were lost in a real green forest with birds chirping, leaves rustling, pouring rain, and owls chirping at night, all game activities take place to soothing music combined with BGM. Cats & Soup isn’t just a game anymore. It is a new harmony that releases all of your tension and complications and envelops you in a delightful and carefree world.

MOD APK version of Cats & Soup

MOD feature

Without Charge

How to install Cats & Soup MOD APK latest version

  • Set up the Cats & Soup MOD.
  • Spend real money on anything you desire, including gems, things, umbrellas, and Fairy Tree.
  • To update to the most recent version with the data of the MOD version, install the Update Package version (do not uninstall the MOD version).


Before accessing the MOD version, disconnect from the internet; else, a notification to upgrade to the new version will appear. You can connect to the internet while playing after completing the procedures as described in the previous instructions. You can also try other applications like CarX Highway Racing, Fallout Shelter, and Baseball 9.

Download Cats & Soup APK & MOD for Android

In general, though, playing Cats & Soup will make you feel fully at ease. This game is available everywhere and at any time, whether you’re getting ready for bed, starting a new day, taking a break from school, or riding the bus. It is really soft, doesn’t call for anything difficult, and doesn’t involve anything particularly difficult. The concept of Cats & Soup is straightforward.

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