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Name Candy Crush Saga
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Package com.king.candycrushsaga
Publisher King
Category Games
Size 87M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Lives
Introducing Candy Crush Saga - The most successful puzzle game of all timeIf I ask 100 individuals which match-3 puzzle game is the best and most played, I will undoubtedly receive 101 respo...
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Introducing Candy Crush Saga – The most successful puzzle game of all time

If I ask 100 individuals which match-3 puzzle game is the best and most played, I will undoubtedly receive 101 responses saying Candy Crush Saga is the finest and most played. With billions of downloads on Google Play and the App Store, the game of King is regarded as the top mobile title. On April12,2012, the game was first made available on Facebook. Later, versions for Android, iOS, and Windows were published. The game is really well done, with numerous obstacles and helpful stuff, and it has basic gameplay. Despite the fact that it is a puzzle game, you won’t have a headache; rather, you’ll feel as though you are immersed in a delicious paradise filled with countless vibrant sweets. You might play Candy Crush Friends Saga, which is a related game.

Match three candies to get points

You’re right. The gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is similar to that of Bejeweled, a match-3 game with an infinite time mode. Bejeweled’s requirement that you finish each level within the allotted time makes the game more difficult but unintentionally increases the player’s sense of pressure. CCS does away with this requirement entirely. You get something a little slower and more enjoyable from the game. You are allowed to think for up to seven days. After taking five turns, if you’re feeling uninspired and stuck, you can go get a cup of coffee and return back to finish the game. That is unimportant. The main objective of this game is to swipe your finger to switch the positions of two candies that are next to each other in either vertical or horizontal lines. The candies will vanish and be replaced by unplanned candies if it makes a row or column with at least three candies. Additionally, if four candies of the same type are matched, you can make unique candies that match the color of the candy. A lot of the candy in the box can be removed by candies that are composed of five or more tablets. The game includes some unique criteria for the more tough levels, such as breaking the frozen candy, eating 20 green candies, unlocking the hidden sweets at the end of the table, clearing all the chocolate, etc. The difficulties rise in accordance with level. You may easily complete dozens of the first stages. Do not, however, assume that the game is not challenging. Nobody would dare say that this game is simple. Many people recall their high school graduation, but for me, it was when I completed level 96 of the game. After playing 1269 times, I managed to go through after being locked there for weeks. The intriguing thing about Candy Crush Saga is that while having some challenging levels, game doesn’t discourage players. I always believed that I could win the game at any point and believed that I was just short on a little bit of luck.

Discover the world of sweet candies

You explore the colorful and incredibly eye-catching world of sweet candies when playing Candy Crush Saga. The game’s design is exciting and compelling to me. In particular, everything will blow up or be destroyed by a lightning bolt when you “consume candy”. I can play video games all day long, wherever I am. I can play this game on my phone while having breakfast, drinking coffee, lounging on the couch, or even while using the restroom. When you have a lengthy bus or cab ride, the game is a great distraction.

Many game modes

  • Classic
  • Goal Score
  • Remove the jelly
  • Gather the Materials
  • Place Order

Invite friends to play together

By posting games on social networks, you can ask your friends to play with you. The primary goal of this is to advertise the game, but you also receive offers like more playtime. If you’ve logged into social networks, you can view the level map to see your friends’ accomplishments.

MOD APK version of Candy Crush Saga

IPHONESIDE recognizes that a player’s issue is having insufficient lives to play.

MOD feature

Therefore, the MOD version of this game will grant you an endless supply of lives (Up to 9999, increase 1 every 5 seconds). We think that’s sufficient for you. You can also try other applications like Candy Crush Saga, Shadow Fight 3, and Street Fighter IV Champion Edition.

Download Candy Crush Saga MOD APK for Android

Candy Crush Saga is a fantastic game to keep you entertained wherever, anytime, and it’s more than simply a puzzle game. Participate in the game’s delightful “eat sweets” environment. However, it’s not at all simple to consume candy in this game!

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