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Name Cafeland World Kitchen
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Publisher Gamegos
Category Games
Version 2.2.33
Size 98M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Cafeland - World KitchenA common dream, particularly among young people, is to establish your own cafe. They go there to express their enthusiasm rather than just do it for t...
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Introduce about Cafeland – World Kitchen

A common dream, particularly among young people, is to establish your own cafe. They go there to express their enthusiasm rather than just do it for the money. It is still a business, though, and you are all aware of the complexity of business. The boss’s patience and strategy are needed for that work. Despite having a strong enthusiasm for the cafe, many people struggle in business. Cafeland “World Kitchen is a good place to start if you have the same idea to build a cafe but are unsure on how to proceed.


a cafeland “The publisher GameGos has just released a new simulation cafe management game called World Kitchen. This café is enormous, has a huge staff, a wide selection of food, and especially draws a lot of guests. But that’s only the outcome of your work; it’s a lovely future. Because bitterness is a necessary part of success. From nothing, everything begins. The modest cafe is available to players right away in the game. Only basic foods including tea, coffee, and some basic pastries are available for serving. Naturally, there are not many customers, therefore there is little profit. However, the little money you make will gradually enable you to expand your coffee shop. It can be constructed based on your personal preferences and ideas. However, keep in mind Cafeland’s purpose “A five-star café will be built by World Kitchen with enormous earnings.

Grow your cafe

It’s time for your coffee shop to be upgraded as business increases. selling more than just coffee, including a selection of food and drinks. Hire people to perform various duties and learn new recipes for new foods. It’s not a bad idea to provide quick items like sushi, pastries, pizza, or well-known dishes like lobster. This increases client options and substantially boosts your revenue. You probably already know that no two coffee shops are precisely alike; each has an own style. Creating a café in your own unique style is another technique to draw clients and stick in their minds. You can entirely create your own “coffee paradise” in Cafeland “World Kitchen. A resort with stunning golden sand and beaches is complimented by delectable seafood and eye-catching beverages, as well as a minibar with flashing lights and upbeat music. You can complete your “paradise” with a wide variety of styles and hundreds of exquisite ornaments.

The dream cafe

You need to draw in celebrities and receive positive reviews in order for the coffee shop to become well-known all over the world. Celebrity clients expect special treatment at all times and want your undivided attention and passion. If you make them happy, you’ll not only get fame for the restaurant but also receive special gifts. Your coffee shop turns into a full entertainment hub in addition to a restaurant with a wide selection of food. Celebrities will attend large-scale events like music nights and pool parties, which will draw a lot of attendees. It works well to spread awareness of your coffee business all around the world.

MOD APK version of Cafeland – World Kitchen

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: As you spend, your money does not get smaller. Note that if you use the MOD version, you risk being blacklisted.
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Download Cafeland – World Kitchen MOD APK for Android

Cafeland “World Kitchen, like many other business simulation games, has real-world applications. It facilitates the players’ familiarization with the industry, but especially with the café industry. Even though it is only a mobile game, it essentially also provides players with fresh experiences and actual life skills.

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