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Name Bus Simulator PRO: Buses
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Package com.sir.simulator.bussimulatorpro
Publisher Sir Studios
Category Games
Version 2.4.0
Size 235M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Bus Simulator PROgame that simulates bus driving and has excellent physicsBecame a real bus driver...
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Introduce about Bus Simulator PRO

game that simulates bus driving and has excellent physics

Became a real bus driver

Bus Simulator PRO makes you an experienced bus driver who can navigate a variety of vehicles, conquer all bus routes across the city, and take in the realistic simulation scenes from bus stations to contemporary streets. When playing games, you may choose from a variety of appealing personalization settings and benefit from incredibly accurate physics modeling. Bus Simulator PRO so maintains a unique place among the many driving simulation games in general and buses in particular. Bus Simulator PRO includes a sophisticated and realistic city model. The number of vehicles on the streets varies based on the time of day, and there are various weather conditions, such as rain, sun, and wind. Bus stations are located at several locations in this game. Like in real life, each station has all the bells and whistles, runs on a set schedule, has passengers waiting for a crowded bus, and each person has a different activity. Additionally, for the first time in Bus Simulator PRO, players will get direct feedback from passengers via their attitudes and, if any, complaints, thanks to contemporary AI.

Customize different buses

With Bus Simulator PRO, you may operate many bus models. With each vehicle type, you have the option to change the chassis, color, rims, plating, and paint to produce a variety of eye-catching hues and patterns that will increase the thrill factor on the road. Each bus type you can operate on the road will have a unique way for you to steer and operate it. There are clunky cars and tidy cars that can maneuver through congested cities with ease. You will need to adjust your driving technique accordingly for each type, learning a variety of driving techniques and honing them over time.

Diverse viewing angles

In Bus Simulator PRO, you can pick any unlocked vehicle and begin driving around the city, completing objectives at your own pace to level up and advance to the position of top bus driver in the area. The viewing angle can be manually changed by the player. You can obtain a close-up view of the cockpit, which has various controls and consoles for each type of bus, thanks to the first-person perspective. You can operate the vehicle directly from the steering wheel, see the street through the car’s windows, feel the wind blowing hard against them, and experience driving a real bus. You can move, run, halt, go backward, and alter speed using the simulated function buttons that display when you select the third-person viewpoint. Additionally, the exterior view becomes larger and more airy. This viewpoint makes driving a car easier, but the control is still inferior to that of first person. You can choose the experience that will make playing more enjoyable if you have the freedom to easily alter views.

Graphics and sound

This is definitely one of the key elements contributing to Bus Simulator PRO’s success. The graphics and noises in Bus Simulator PRO’s 3D metropolis are all realistically recreated. Realistic bus station descriptions, realistic bus types, day-night cycles, weather simulations, moving cars, pedestrians, and street traffic sign systems. Every frame includes a depiction of the complete life sound, giving the entire game a visually appealing and incredibly realistic setting. The weather simulation in Bus Simulator PRO is also highly precise. The game includes the precise time of day. The experience of operating a bus in the morning will be different from that of an afternoon or nighttime shift. Driving in the rain, wind, or snow will be significantly different from driving in the clear, cool weather. For players to fully grasp the difficulty of the situation, the bus experience in Bus Simulator PRO will also vary with the weather and time of day. Driving, for instance, will be more dangerous than usual when it is raining.

MOD APK version of Bus Simulator PRO

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

You don’t see the money?

Try saving your game and opening it again.

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Download Bus Simulator PRO APK & MOD for Android

Bus Simulator PRO is a great option if you want a really realistic bus driving experience with lots of flexibility to play and a complete city bustle simulation.

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