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Buddy Toss

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Name Buddy Toss
Updated On
Package game.free.rise.hole.up.io.love.balls.toss.up
Publisher Bigdog Games
Category Casual
Version 1.4.6
Size 56M
Requires Android 4.4Can play offline
MOD Features VIP, Unlimited Stars
Introduce Buddy TossAn incredibly humorous and intriguing game by CurryGames. Currently, games with tangible rules are becoming more and more well-liked. Angry Birds is unequivocal evidence ...
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Introduce Buddy Toss

An incredibly humorous and intriguing game by CurryGames. Currently, games with tangible rules are becoming more and more well-liked. Angry Birds is unequivocal evidence of this. The game we’re introducing to you today also features a really unique mechanism. You can change your mood with this humorous game if you become bored playing games with high-quality visuals, such as PUBG Mobile.

Simple gameplay

Buddy Toss’s play style may be summed up in the words “timely touch” Your character is thrown into the air after the initial touch by a strong dog or an unidentified wrestler. Continue touching the screen after you fall to have the strong dog continue to launch you into the air. If you continue throwing in this manner, each subsequent throw will be higher than the one before it, giving you more points overall. This is the game my father used to create when I was a young child, albeit it may sound ridiculous. I can’t fly as high as in the game, of course. However, we actually had a great time. Have you ever behaved that way?

Fly to space

Buddy Toss defies all known and improbable physical principles. Not only can you fly far, but you can even soar past the rule of global gravitation and soar as high as a 30-story structure. Without a spaceship, explore the solar system, galaxies, cosmic black holes, stars, and look for Jedi. All it takes to throw others into the air is a strong man with an odd pastime. But take caution! From a distance of 10 million light-years, the game’s main character can be touched incorrectly and instantly fall to the ground.

Upgrade characters

Buddy Toss only allows character upgrading as a method of upgrade. Your character can fly higher after each toss once they have been upgraded. How do you do that? You’ll receive a certain number of stars from the game after each game. To enhance your character in the store, use this star number. Additionally, you may purchase character-specific outfits and accessories, including clothing, hair, spectacles, shoes, and more. Darth Vader, the Jedi, Spider-Man, Batman, and 32 other well-known icons serve as inspiration for 51 costumes and 32 accessories.


Buddy Toss’ visual design features vibrant colors and a cartoony style that is highly humorous. You could giggle at how they replicate everything. As you soar through space, you may experience feelings similar to those of Ant-Man in the quantum realm, which is full of psychedelic hues and abstract pictures. In addition, the gasps of the characters when he falls are hilarious.

MOD APK version of Buddy Toss

MOD features

Unlimited Stars: In addition to reaching new heights, many gamers aspire to have stunning skins. However, the price of purchasing skins is rather high. You must play a lot and watch a lot of advertisements if you want more stars. Consider downloading Buddy Toss MOD APK to save time. You receive a lot of stars as soon as the game begins. You must first remove the Google Play version if you want to get the MOD version. No longer harassed by advertising after unlocking VIP status. Watch an advertisement video to instantly receive stars if you have used up all of the stars in the MOD version. You can also try other applications like Modern Warships, Archero, and Flight.

Download Buddy Toss MOD APK for Android

Generally speaking, Buddy Toss MOD APK is a straightforward, entertaining, and cost-free game. The game is suitable for everyone, including kids, as there is no element of violence and everything is humorously mimicked. Maybe the game may make you feel a little uncomfortable if you’re terrified of heights!

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