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Name Bright Memory Mobile
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Package com.FYQD.BrightMemory
Publisher Fyqd Studio
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Version 1.3
Size 708M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about Bright Memory MobileInitially, FYQD Studio was a Chinese comic book studio. In2012, they formally made the transition to making video games. 2014 saw the PC release of War St...
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Introduce about Bright Memory Mobile

Initially, FYQD Studio was a Chinese comic book studio. In2012, they formally made the transition to making video games. 2014 saw the PC release of War Storm by FYQD Studio. After that, they sought to begin creating Bright Memory, a first-person shooting game that soon gained popularity among gamers.


In the year2020, Shelia is a character who goes on many adventures in Bright Memory Mobile. Kanshou and Bakuya, two swords with a thousand-year history, are mentioned in the myth. Through SRO research, humans have learned about these two swords as science has progressed. They discovered an exceptional multilayer structure in the centers of the two swords. It is known as the soul of Jiu Xuan and possesses the unique capacity to bring the dead back to life. Because of this, there have been numerous conflicts over who will control it. A terrorist group known only as SAI sent soldiers into the SRO research center. They used cutting-edge Quantum Transport technology to steal the top-secret SRO documents and data. With the use of this technology, you can transfer data or objects like documents from one place to another without changing their physical location. Shelia attempted to stop it by altering the destination’s coordinates to keep the terrorists from being reached. Sadly, Shelia switched on the incorrect device, teleporting everyone in the area to a floating island close to the North Pole. Thanks to Jiu Xuan’s spirit, the dead creatures and people have sprung to life and are making their way to Shelia’s location.


A first-person perspective RPG game is called Bright Memory Mobile. Bright Memory was first made accessible by Steam exclusively for the PC platform. The game drew a lot of players who are passionate about FPS shooting games when information about some of the visuals in the trailer recently emerged. You will be drawn in by the FPS game’s gameplay to the wild combat between the warriors. Shelia is a female commando soldier with specialized equipment that can cope with both people and monsters. She was skilled in close-quarters combat as well as long-range attacks with weaponry. She could sever all adversaries’ paths to her with her blade. Her gloves are unusual for her. It has a hook so she can use it to cross hills, valleys, and other obstacles. It can also fire a force similar to Iron Man’s hand to resist the foe. She can also manipulate gravity to launch foes into the air where they can be attacked with weapons like swords or guns.


Bright Memory Mobile’s graphics are on par with those of the PC edition. With graphics created by Unreal Engine, this game—described as AAA—has incredibly amazing visuals. You feel as though you are a character in a video game who is standing in front of magnificent surroundings, particularly with the first glimpse. With this game, China has demonstrated to the technical community that its video games are competitive with those of other nations. You will have the best experience with the sound, which is also very active.

Some notes

Bright Memory Mobile’s default language is Chinese, however you can change it to English. As with the PC, the plot is only chapter one because this is an early access edition. It will just take you an hour to finish. You will need to wait till Bright Memory: Infinite is announced before playing the full version. Additionally, the game’s graphics are highly complex, thus it also needs a powerful computer. A Snapdragon 660 CPU is the minimum hardware required, but if you want to use the optimum configuration, you must have a Snapdragon 835 or Kirin 980 CPU. You can also try other applications like Botworld Adventure, The Lonely Hacker, and Love Island The Game.

Download Bright Memory Mobile APK for Android

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