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Name Bridge Constructor Portal
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About Bridge Constructor PortalThe game's name is a combination of the previous release from ClockStone, the creator of Portal and "Bridge Constructor with official copyright from Valve." We...
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About Bridge Constructor Portal

The game’s name is a combination of the previous release from ClockStone, the creator of Portal and “Bridge Constructor with official copyright from Valve.” We recently noticed the images from Portal2, a video game that Valve launched six years ago. By the end of2017, this game was launched for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. In2018, it will be released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. And this time, you won’t know because this puzzle game will provide something unique.

Are you ready to become a mad tester?

The Bridge Constructor Portal will make you into a real tester. Before any game is released to the public, testers frequently put it to the test. You only need to be aware that this game will transform you into a mad scientist by the name of GLaDOS; you don’t need to focus much on the plot. The plot takes place at the Aperture Science Research firm, where you work to create superior new bridges. Your daily task in the lab is to design durability tests to gauge the load capacity of experimental trucks or characters by allowing them to travel from one location to another.

Not just building bridges, it’s a puzzle game

The difficulty of this game, which is separated into numerous minor levels, will steadily rise from beginner to expert. Turrets are very destructive laser arrays that will rip through anything in their path. The girls or dreamers who put their faith in you will run into bad fate; they might even perish. The Bridge Constructor Portal is cutting edge, but you still need to construct bridges that adhere to actual physical laws. The majority of screens call for a certain amount of precision, so be sure to pay attention to every step you do. Also, be sure to connect the wires and beams to build a sturdy structure that can hold the load and is in line with your budget. Say it’s a bridge game, but every game on a screen is actually a question that needs to be answered. To ensure that the bridge can stand, it is crucial to determine how to join the parts together. Any player will find it challenging because there is a chance that the bridge would crumble, often with disastrous consequences because the lake at the bridge’s base is particularly acidic. You will never get the feeling that the game is becoming boring because there will be 60 levels and 60 riddles on each screen. Each time your game is a success, you’ll receive a modest sum of money that you can spend on more resources or pay the test subjects in the following levels.

Portal graphics, funny voices

The intriguing aspect about Bridge Constructor Portal is that GLaDOS jokes abound in this game. Any gamer can feel at home with a full Portal version. For instance, GLaDOS may suggest that people need not worry because their earnings will be transferred to the afterlife when a bridge collapses and a number of people test dead. It initially reminded me a little bit of the 2D graphics in Inside: a Puzzle by Playdead, but disregarding this, the game is still in the Portal style, therefore there’s no need to talk about the aesthetics as this game has Valve’s official copyright. This gives the Bridge Constructor Portal the appearance of being a third installment of the venerable video game series.

Final thought

Before writing the report, I spent a few hours playing this game and was pleasantly surprised. It can be played on Android, iPhone, and iPad, but I like to use the iPad because of the larger screen, which always makes me feel more included.
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Download Bridge Constructor Portal APK for Android

In conclusion, Bridge Constructor Portal mixes humor with terror, clever riddles, and even flickering GLaDOS sounds. But when combined, they create a unique and captivating game. If this game piques your curiosity, you can download the Bridge Constructor Portal APK for Android or IPA for iOS; the game costs $4.99 on the App Store or Google Play.

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