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Name Brawlhalla
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Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 6.06
Size 785M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features No
Introduce about BrawlhallaThe 2D action game Brawlhalla is produced by Blue Mammoth Games. In actuality, the Steam, Xbox One, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions of this game debuted in...
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Introduce about Brawlhalla

The 2D action game Brawlhalla is produced by Blue Mammoth Games. In actuality, the Steam, Xbox One, macOS, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions of this game debuted in 2015. The game immediately drew more than 40 million players worldwide thanks to its distinctive gameplay across numerous platforms. Ubisoft, the game’s official publisher, later bought Blue Mammoth Games. A BETA version of the game is currently being released on Android. On August6,2020, the version for iOS and Android is anticipated to be made available. Let me learn more about this game before I download it and start engaging in intense online combat.


Each Brawlhalla game has four players. The laws resemble MOBA games quite a bit. You must select a character (referred to as a Legend), skins, and some skills before a match can begin. You have to throw your opponent off the stage in order to win the battle. The opponent will sustain harm if they hit the bottom of the screen. The hue of a character’s avatar indicates how much health they have left. The further the character is pressed, the closer their color is to red. The character with the most points or at least one life will ultimately triumph. Random weapons dropped upon the arena. To use them after passing them, use the Pick-Up button. You are not aware of the weapon you will receive in advance, despite the sword indicating it. There are 13 different types of weaponry now available in the game, including gauntlets, blasters, magic orbs, greatswords, scythes, swords, cannons, rocket lances, hammers, bows, katars, axes, and spears. Certain characters will employ their distinctive weaponry. The gameplay of Brawlhalla has to be discussed in terms of fairness. Success depends on your abilities and plan. You must have an appropriate approach for each new map in order to prevent other players from gaining an unfair edge. You also need to be aware of each character’s advantages and weaknesses. Knowing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses has given you a 50% chance of success. There are no overpowered characters in this game, and there is no pay to win. If you want to move up in the worldwide rankings, you must take your practice and learning very seriously.

Cross-play feature

Right. You can still play against gamers on other platforms when you use any platform to play. With this feature, matches become more interesting and you can play with your friends that use other platforms.


Players can choose from a variety of modes in Brawlhalla whether they are online or not. When you are online, you can take part in matches or ranking matches with a variety of rules, such as 1v1, 2v2, or Free-For-All, which pits all players against one another in a chaotic battle to see who survives. Your Elo points will rise as a result of winning, which will help you move up the rankings. Additionally, Brawlhalla offers a rating system with the designations of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond that is comparable to MOBA games. There are many modes available in offline mode, including Couch Party, Training, and Tournament. There, you can create rooms and play with friends via Couch Party. In Tournament mode, you can test your talents against AI. Choose the Training mode, where all characters and outfits are unlocked, if you wish to train and get to know the characters.

The Legends

Currently, 50 characters (Legends) from numerous games are franchised in Brawlhalla. If you want to utilize the character in combat, you must unlock it. The game gives users six free character slots each week. You can unlock the characters you want by using the coins you earn after each game. There are some characters, though, whose unlocking costs money. You might think about purchasing the store’s Unlock All Characters package. In the Meet the Legends part of the menu bar, you can learn more about each character. Each character has a unique backstory, plot, and set of advantages and disadvantages. You must take into account the four factors of dexterity, strength, defense, and speed. You can rely on these metrics to judge the character’s total strength before choosing to unlock because they have a direct impact on that strength. Additionally, there is a huge variety in the skins. You must unlock a character’s skins in order to change that character’s appearance. Additionally, you can obtain free skins by completing missions or participating in events. Some skins are based on well-known characters, such Rayman, who has been around ever since Ubisoft became a franchise, Lara Croft (Diana’s skin), The Rock (Sentinal), and others.


Sharp 2D graphics with tons of lovely effects may be found in Brawlhalla. You are submerged in a stunning setting with finely crafted characters. Controls are also extremely quick and responsive, making it simple to operate and face few challenges as you move up the global rankings. Additionally, the game is designed to run well on all Android devices, including mid-range phones.

How to install Brawlhalla APK + OBB

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Download Brawlhalla APK for Android

All gamers, even those who play only for fun and competitive players, can play in Brawlhalla. Are you prepared to enter the most thrilling online arena for Android and rank among the top 50 players?

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