Bloons TD Battles

Bloons TD Battles

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Name Bloons TD Battles
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Package com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles
Publisher Ninja Kiwi
Category Games
Version 6.15
Size 102M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Medallions
Introduce about Bloons TD BattlesJoin Bloons TD Battles to participate in a variety of thrilling battles with cute ...
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Introduce about Bloons TD Battles

Join Bloons TD Battles to participate in a variety of thrilling battles with cute monkeys and vibrant balloons. Who will triumph in the contest of competing with opponents in an equal match? Let’s read the article below to find the solution.


A traditional tower defense game is Bloons TD Battles. Here, the two players will face off against one another and attempt to take down the other tower. Before beginning the game, you must select the game mode, the map, and the defense tower. There are multiple objectives to be met depending on the mode you select. Your main objective is to blow up every balloon before it reaches your stronghold, though. The amount of balloons that can enter your stronghold is restricted after each combat. You lose if there are more balloons than allowed. Up to 18 different bouts with 20 monkey towers can be found in Bloons TD Battles. Upgrading each tower eight times is possible. With each improvement, strength, defense, and energy will grow. By employing Monkey Tower Boost, players can swiftly restore the energy of the monkey tower. The monkey tower will attack more quickly after using this feature for a while. The user can use Bloons Boost to aid boost the power of the balloon when battling the foe if they are in Assault mode.


In Bloons TD Battles, controlling is really easy. Any monkey can move and interact by just scrolling over it. Super Monkey can utilize its laser gun by rolling over. Roll over to Sniper Monkey for them to aim and fire before the monkey attacks. Bloons TD Matches features more than 16 appealing additional achievements for you to collect in addition to the exciting battles. These accomplishments are the result of online PvP matches or AI-vs-AI combat. In order to compete with your friends, post them on Facebook. If you’re unaware, Kiwi Ninja’s Bloons TD 6 is another popular tower defense game.


Bloons Assault, Battle Arena, and Defensive are the three basic game styles available in TD Battles. Players attempt to immediately smash their opponent in the assault mode by employing balloons. The balloons will take off quite slowly at first. But starting with round30, every balloon’s speed will rise by 20% per turn. Players should focus on their defense even if this mode’s mechanism favors offense. Try to defend your tower against the enemy’s attacks. Players will be given $75 to start in defensive mode. The player’s goal is to find ways to fortify their defenses and endure as long as they can. The defense is also boosted by purchasing the increase income pack. Additionally depending on income growth is the cooldown. Up to $3,000 in additional income is available to players. Gamers will be able to compete in the arena with many other players from all over the world in the Battle Arena mode. The player’s rank rises when they have a lot of medals. Players will gain exceptional advantages as they rise to the top.

Upgrade your weapons

The movement speed, number, and power of the balls grow as you advance to a higher level. If you utilize too few powerful weapons, you won’t be able to stop the balloons from attacking your tower. So, to improve defenses, purchase new weapons and upgrade them. You can spend the bonus you receive after each victory to keep upgrading your weaponry.

Some tips you may need

You can get a glimpse of the qualities of the balloons that will appear before each combat. This will enable you to select defensive towers with an advantage over these balloons. In kink roads, balloons will congregate and move more slowly. More towers should be placed in these areas to quickly destroy them.

MOD APK version of Bloons TD Battles

MOD feature

Unlimited Medallions: The primary form of payment in the game, Medals are used to fund your shopping and level-up activities. You begin the game with a ton of Medals if you use IPHONESIDE’s MOD APK version. You can also try other applications like Scary Teacher 3D, Brothers in Arms 3, and Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro.

Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK for Android

Bloons TD Battles is a fun goalie game ideal for de-stressing after a demanding day. The game’s amusing graphics and sound effects add to the enjoyment of each round you play. The fight to keep balloons away from the tower has never been won. Install the game and start fighting right now!

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