Blood Kiss : Vampire story

Blood Kiss : Vampire story

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Name Blood Kiss : Vampire story
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Package com.storytaco.bloodkiss.dangerous.ikemen.otome.story
Category Simulation
Version 1.15.1
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Requires Android 5.1 and up
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Introduce about Blood KissWhat would you do if you were surrounded by attractive vampires?...
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Introduce about Blood Kiss

What would you do if you were surrounded by attractive vampires?

What is Blood Kiss?

Blood Kiss is basically an Otome-style interactive simulation game for female players only. It will create dramatic or romantic settings depending on the evolution. And you, the player, are a girl who will make decisions based on her intuition, personality, and heart.

These decisions will progressively lead to a variety of twists in your connection with the other characters in the game. And, of course, in that relationship, there are generally three or five handsome male characters around you, each with a distinct appearance. All of them have killer attractive looks and enormous temperaments, and they are male models that attract thousands of girls.

The story of love and vampires

You are a young girl who is going through a difficult time in her life. Every day is a sequence of working over and again as you try to pay off your Father’s horrible debt. One day, you got a mystery offer, as if some fairy had generously bestowed it on you after a series of exhausting days: a position whose compensation would allow you to promptly pay off the remaining debt.

You chose to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance. But you had no idea how complex things would become or how your life would change from that point forward

However, you immediately discovered that the environment you work in is a vampire’s realm. There are just too many secrets in the firm and property that these guys were keeping. You have no idea what it did or why it did it. You simply know that the folks present were all vampires, but exceptionally attractive vampires.

  • Dayn, the company’s CEO, was always apathetic, secretive, and descended from a noble vampire bloodline. Dayn said that he would provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance, which is why you should work here.
  • Gray, Dayn’s companion, was tormented by the fear that vampire blood will one day take over his whole body and transform him into a monster. “I don’t have the bravery, whether to murder you or rescue you,” this passionate vampire stated carefully at times.
  • Ruel, who was always humiliated by his unknown origins, often acted weirdly and differently. This attractive romantic vampire was infatuated with the energy that was constantly overflowing in you and desired you at any costs.
  • Eden, Dayn’s strong right-hand man, the vampire guy, seemed to be quite simple on the outside but turned out to be incredibly profound on the inside. This strange lad, a vampire with a million ideas in his brain, merely spoke three words: “I want you.”

You also discovered why you were there in the first place. There was no such thing as a fairy or a miracle. Only because you happened to run into one of them by chance and saw something, leading them all to believe that you knew about the hidden vampire lair (despite the fact that you hadn’t given it a second thought). So they determined that “it’s preferable to keep the enemy near to us,” and you were purposely pulled here.

Your attitude, enthusiasm, and the innate attractiveness of a young innocent girl gradually converted the vampire lads there, causing their love for you to grow stronger by the day. The mind-battle that seemed to have resulted in your captivity turned out to be a complicated interaction involving four or even five persons. You were the focal point, the wellspring of all pain and adoration in the room.

It’s the storey. And now, who will you select, in whom you will put your heart and confidence, how will the other deal with this… Everything is dependent on your choice. Can love, in various ways, conquer the darkness of vampire identity and emotional trauma in each guy? When you play this unique interactive book game, you will discover the solution for yourself.

How to play

Like many other interactive games, the only thing you have to do is follow the plot, put yourself in the shoes of the heroine, and make decisions in the appropriate times. Your decisions will be influenced by your ideas, goals, and personality. The more closely your option corresponds to your genuine emotion, the more dramatic and true the finale will be for you.

Hello there, my ladies! Let’s read and enjoy a nice novel, with each knot constantly untying! Let us share our joys and sorrows with the girl! Let’s have some really intimate sobbing that only you can understand! Let us choose to follow you to your final destination! I feel that even if you play it again, you will be embarking on an expedition to uncover another part of your soul, the path to which may be quite different from the last play.


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