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Name BitLife
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Package com.candywriter.bitlife
Publisher Candywriter, Llc
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Version 3.2.4
Size 128M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Bitizenship Unlocked
Introducing BitLifeThe publisher Candywriter's newest simulation game is called BitLife...
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Introducing BitLife

The publisher Candywriter’s newest simulation game is called BitLife. Despite having only four titles, they have had a significant impact on the gaming industry despite their lack of popularity on Google Play. As proven by the fact that BitLife has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and several 5-star reviews, their games frequently attract their most devoted fans. I enjoy the following aspects of this game:


Like a narrative, life is. You never know when this story will end, what miraculous events will take place in your life, or even what will happen next. The gameplay of BitLife is much the same as those of visual novel games. The only difference is that you will select an action for each main character’s timeline rather than choosing sentences for them. For each year, the game features a number of events. Even the first time your mother takes you to get vaccinated, you have the option of either remaining motionless out of obedience or biting her hand in protest. To view what will happen in the protagonist’s life as they become older, click the Age button. In BitLife, each character has four fundamental indicators: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Look. The most significant factor is health in particular. You are given greater opportunities for the future. For instance, you could play rugby for the school and potentially sign with a prestigious club. Your future is not significantly impacted by your appearance. You can have plastic surgery to improve your appearance if you have a lot of money. Recall that some decisions could result in your demise. I was given a mine-clearing operation after I enlisted in the army (gameplay is similar to Minesweeper). My goal is to locate three mines. Finally, my character passed away at the age of 23. You can try the game Life is a Game, which is another one like it. A story about human life is still being told, but in a different way.

When you are 18 years old…

Every person’s life has a very significant turning point at age18, which is. Your future is profoundly impacted by every decision you make now. When you’ve just graduated from high school and are getting ready for a difficult journey, that is. In addition to going to college, you can join the military or get a job to make money and get experience. Your decision will have an impact on everything that occurs in the future. Despite having a poor and challenging upbringing, your efforts will help you lead a better life in the future.

Financial management

We must be able to manage our money when we are adults. You can create a business, buy a car or a piece of real estate, or even “throw” all of your money into a casino. To manage your assets, select Assets (properties) from the main Menu bar. You must be the legal age to own property, though.

Looking for your love

One of BitLife’s many fascinating features is this. You are able to marry and date girls who come into your life. Even if you’re married, some girls will make advances toward you. You must make an effort to create a happy family. You have the power to obliterate everything yourself with only one error.

Time machine

Have you ever wished you could travel back in time to alter something? Sometimes you wish you were still in high school so you could be brave enough to ask your girl to the prom. Of course, in actual life we cannot do that. All we can do is accept and proceed. However, this is feasible in BitLife. You can use the Time Machine tool to travel back one or more years and make different selections.


BitLife provides you with light sensations similar to those you would have when reading a book without the requirement for 3D visuals with eye-catching effects. The game’s user interface is created to resemble the protagonist’s diary. The annual memorable events will be listed on the screen after each of your selections.

MOD APK version of BitLife

MOD feature

Unlocked Bitizenship: In the game, you must pay real money to unlock the Bitizenship privilege. The following benefits are yours when you have a Bitizenship:

  • No Ads
  • Activate VIP features: access to pet stores, unique animals
  • Icons and features unique to Bitizen
  • No Ads
  • Activate VIP features: access to pet stores, unique animals
  • Icons and features unique to Bitizen

How to install

comparable to other common APK files. You can also try other applications like Coin Master, DEAD TRIGGER, and The Sims Mobile.

Download BitLife MOD APK for Android

BitLife offers you a fresh outlook on life and is more than just a simulation game. Although life can take you in a variety of directions, a positive outlook will help you live well and create a wealth of prospects for the future.

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