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Introduce about BetterSleep (Formerly Relax Melodies)Allow yourself to drift off to a dreamless slumber. There are numerous apps that provide calming sounds to assist you in falling asleep ...
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Introduce about BetterSleep (Formerly Relax Melodies)

Allow yourself to drift off to a dreamless slumber. There are numerous apps that provide calming sounds to assist you in falling asleep faster. However, I believe that only BetterSleep fits the criteria for aggregating a large number of valuable features into a single location.

The importance of deep sleep

The term “sleep” refers to a condition of rest in which the body is at rest. Conscious activities are temporarily postponed at this phase, and muscles are entirely relaxed. When you get up, a good night’s sleep can help you have a new day full of vitality and alertness. Each person will require a varied amount of hours of sleep depending on their age and region. An adult requires 7-8 hours of sleep every day on average. The longer you live, the less sleep time you have. Deep sleep is defined as sleep that must go through all four stages of the sleep cycle without being disturbed. Sleeping too much but not deeply enough or too little but profoundly enough might cause fatigue, headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, and poor focus. As a result, getting a decent night’s sleep is essential for long-term holistic health.

The road to BetterSleep

I didn’t realize how important this was before, so I did whatever I wanted: stayed up late playing video games, slept in all weekend… without realizing how bad it was for my health. My health is becoming more important to me as I grow older, and I want to make changes. However, being “haunted” by a habit from a few years ago, it is now impossible to sleep and wake up on time. You will develop dark circles beneath your eyes after staying up late for two weeks. Your face will grow drowsy, and your thoughts will be unable to stay alert. There are hundreds of implications in general. That’s why I’m here to inform you about BetterSleep so that anyone who doesn’t already know about it can get it and utilize it to treat insomnia.

RBetterSleep lulls you to sleep

Do you know why a baby’s mother used to soothe him to sleep when he was younger? Because there was a melody to the lullaby. Surely no youngster will comprehend the lullaby’s underlying meanings or intentions. They were merely listening to a pleasant, rhyming sound from a voice that was so familiar that they fell asleep quickly. Adults who want to sleep require the same thing: a music. BetterSleep’s main goal is to provide calm, relaxing sounds that will lull the user’s soul and mind to sleep. You can then fall asleep in a natural and pleasant manner. Melodies in BetterSleep can appear in a variety of forms. You can blend your favorite sounds to make your own song, or just use BetterSleep’s Mix tool to choose a soundtrack from the app’s library of single, beautiful noises like rain, wind, waves crashing, streams flowing, birds chirping, white noise… That’s the sound that only you can make. BetterSleep has one of the most extensive music libraries of any lulling software I’ve ever encountered. Audio is divided into numerous categories, each with a variety of options. Sound of water: downpour, ocean, sluggish waves, lapping water; White noise: hair dryer, airplane, dryer, vacuum cleaner, fan noise; Nature sounds: wind, rustling leaves, birds, crackling fire; Voices, instruments, and ambient melodies are used in meditation music. 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz are isochronic brain waves. 2.5Hz, 4Hz, 5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz binaural beat…

Extra set of features

BetterSleep has a one-of-a-kind bedtime timer. All you have to do now is set the time according to your plan of activities. All sounds on the phone, like as notifications of messages, emails, incoming calls, and so on, will be turned off automatically by the program. Only the tranquil tune radiating from the program will make you slowly fall asleep when everything is serene.

Guided meditation and sleep meditation programs

Before going to bed, BetterSleep features meditation activities with clear instructions, background music, and relaxing sceneries. One of the strategies to lead to deep and perfect sleep is to practice a few breathing movements and a few scientific meditation postures like this. Over 160 meditations created by Sleep Experts exclusively for persons with sleep disorders are available on BetterSleep. These activities are also separated into subjects, which you can personalize each day based on your interests and moods. Sleeping soundly, Getting Back to Sleep (used after waking up unexpectedly and being unable to fall back asleep), Visualization, Gratitude, Tinnitus Relief, and Stress Relief are some of the topics covered. Straight, Anxiety, and a Restful Night’s Sleep Dreamland, take a snooze in the afternoon…

BetterSleep is the only sleep app with bed time stories

This feature collects so many stories that you’ll be unable to resist a good night’s sleep if you simply switch it on, drop your soul into the realm of stories with a deep voice in it. Fairy tales, mystery stories, science fiction stories, and fantasy stories are among the bedtime story topics covered by BetterSleep. Users can alter their breathing and sleeping noises as well as prepare for a long day of activity this way. The goal of breathing regulation is to alleviate anxiety, cleanse the mind, and relax the body, making it easier to fall asleep. Take a rest for a bit, Reduce tension, Clear your head, Drowsy… are some of the topics covered.

You can also try other applications like Voloco, YouCut, and Story Bit.

MOD APK version of BetterSleep

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download BetterSleep APK & MOD for Android

To be honest, I’ve never talked so much about a mobile app. Because of the many practical benefits it provides to sleep, BetterSleep is most likely the first and only one. It’s also the first time I’ve seen so many features in one program. If you’re having difficulties relaxing your mind, relaxing your mind, or sleeping, you should contact BetterSleep as soon as possible.

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