Apps BeatSync


App Name BeatSync
Publisher KineMaster Corporation
Genre Apps
Size 156MB
Latest Version 4.0.144
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 13, 2021

Select your own photos and transform them into amazing videos!

It’s as simple as selecting one or many different photos in your gallery and from there, selecting a certain template. That’s all there is to it, you’ll have an amazing video for others to view and enjoy worldwide. Additionally, BeatSync is supported and compatible with Kinemaster. With this, you’ll have an even larger array of video editing options.

BeatSync – From Photos into Videos and More
As of now, quality video editing applications are constantly being request, more than ever before actually. For this exact reason, mobile users everywhere are looking for the greatest in quality and accessible video editing apps that are available. It’s to be expected, this generation of people has grown up on the internet and media. So, the need for social popularity and online clarity is surely reasonable. Regardless, there’s one app that always delivers when it comes to the best in video editing and social media boosting.

KineMaster is a super popular video editing app for Android that has amassed plus 100 million downloads internationally on the Google Play Store! Whenever you lay eyes on this app, you should know the definitive and best video editing app is right within your fingers. All traditional video editing features like cutting rotating, layers, sound, and more are all available with this application. Additionally, there are even more advanced features to keep users attached, compared to other apps.

On top of everything, multi-layered projects are also supported with this app. Video editing has never been so accessible since Kinemaster was introduced to Android devices. You can also visit the Kinemaster app for more information regarding the app.

BeatSync Features
Here are a few additional features of BeatSync for Android:

Project sharing to KineMaster is only available for KineMaster v.4.12.3 and laterversions.
Low-tier devices may not correctly play previews. However, produced videos should be able to play just fine.
Select your photos to create the next best trends in and music videos.

Send your video to KineMaster Video Editing as a project file.
You can add up to 30 photos for your music video creation.
The option to make an order of any of your selected photos.
Additional it’s possible to cancel multiple selected photos all at once.
There are also manyvideo effects and transitions, which are already included in KineMaster.
Also available are tons of hot and trendy tracks and songs from artists. This feature is also included in KineMaster.
There’s no need to edit anything on BeatSync, simply selecting photos and a template is enough.
You can also use your local storage to save photos.
Share your video via Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Unfortunately, tablets are not included in the devices compatible BeatSnc

User Interface

Surprisingly, the application is simple and easy to use. Everything is easy to access and simple to utilize for yourself. There’s not better application when it comes to these areas.