Beam of Magic

Beam of Magic

Zillion Whales

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Name Beam of Magic
Updated On
Package manastorm.spacehorse
Publisher Zillion Whales
Category Action
Version 1.16.2
Size 136M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, No Ads
Introduce about Beam of MagicThe epic roguelike battle against the monsterBackgroundA world full of monsters and a hero who must battle them all await you in Beam of Magic. You wi...
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Introduce about Beam of Magic

The epic roguelike battle against the monster


A world full of monsters and a hero who must battle them all await you in Beam of Magic. You will, of course, assume the role of a hero as you take turns exploring several areas, finding hidden treasure, and slaying a variety of tiny creatures and large bosses. You can only unlock the door to go to the next level by eliminating these enemies. You can freely train and acquire equipment for better combat when you return to the main game mode by completing the game’s numerous side activities.

“Specialties” are random combos at each level-up

The ability to mix talents is one of Beam of Magic’s unique gameplay elements. Each time you level up, you can create a new combo by selecting 3 random talents. These pairings produce a character’s appealing combat ability as well as a “trick” that keeps players on the edge of their seats. You’ll eagerly anticipate leveling up to see what new stuff you’ll acquire. And that sense of anticipation motivates you to press forward and win the battles. There are numerous monsters in Beam of Magic’s realm. But don’t worry, our hero is progressively given access to a variety of magic to keep the conflict in check. Each monster has a unique set of traits. The game’s rapid fire often causes you to overlook their identification. But if you take some time to look again after each stage, you’ll see that each has a weak spot, and by hitting it precisely, the battle will be much easier on you.

Fast-paced fighting game

In Beam of Magic, everything moves quickly. The game plunges you right into the action without any lengthy backstory. When leveling up swiftly, it announces 3-skill combinations. Monsters also arrive in front of or directly behind you quite quickly. And in particular, the main character’s firing pace is really quick. Because so many things occur at once, I can feel like I’m fighting and running. However, there is always a sigh of satisfaction after each sweaty hand playing turn when you realize you’ve just accomplished a miracle. The appeal of those frantic roguelike games is precisely that.

There is only one task, and the companion isn’t very smart

To advance to the next level, your mission is to eliminate all the little creatures in your path, explore the boss’ controllable regions, and kill the boss. The setting of Beam of Magic is entirely transparent. As long as you eliminate all creatures, you are free to travel wherever and enter any dimly lit alley. Every time you defeat a monster, points are automatically accumulated and used to raise your level when necessary. There will be a small monster friend standing next to you as well. When you upgrade, it also changes in shape and ability. But to be completely honest, these buddies’ AI is subpar. They are fairly delicate, and occasionally they may even trick your sight. I believe that sometimes having no company is preferable.

Graphics and sound

I’ll start by discussing Beam of Magic’s sound. Because in my opinion, this is more remarkable than the visuals. You’ll understand what I mean as soon as you start the game, move around, and fire a few shots. Crisp gunshots erupted, trembling the entire gaming screen. The sound of the weaponry has a tremendous amount of power. It appears that you have already defeated all of the creatures. There are also incredibly powerful bosses. Sometimes they can fire continually or in all directions, and the sound that they make is equally awful. Every time I start a new level, it’s like joining a battle of sounds and weapons that makes everyone tense with anticipation. Amazingly fascinating! Simple 3D pictures are used in Beam of Magic. From the layout to the basic color scheme, the varieties of monsters, and the boss, each level is absolutely unique. The main character and the creatures’ incredibly fluid motions as well as the rainbow of colored lights that the weapons emit are undoubtedly the visual effects that are most remarkable. In a poetic sense, the earth is not really so lovely. Although it is fantastic, it is too gloomy and uncomplicated for players to concentrate on the ongoing combat.

MOD APK version of Beam of Magic

MOD features

  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
  • Unrestricted funds
  • No Ads
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    Download Beam of Magic MOD APK for Android

    Additionally, the game offers an online component where many other players engage in PvE-style combat. You will find the game to be much more engaging when you have more teammates besides yourself. Why don’t you give it a try right away? Get the game here!

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