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Name BattleOps
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Version 1.4.7
Size 45M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about BattleOpsTechouse Games recently published the first-person shooting game ...
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Introduce about BattleOps

Techouse Games recently published the first-person shooting game BattleOps. Despite the fact that the theme of war is an old one, the creators of this product always guarantee that using it will be fun. Additionally, they are attempting to give the game new features.


In the future, when conflict has severely destroyed the world, BattleOps is set. It appears that no longer were the rules obeyed. In an effort to rule the world, the military forces are attempting to revolt. One force, though, is still working for the government. Their mission was to fight for and restore peace to the continent of Europe. Players are members of the special force and mercenaries. He was critically hurt after completing a hazardous task. In order to complete his objective, he went back to BattleOps.


You have the duty of retaking all of the enemy-occupied military areas and significant bases as a soldier. You’ll have to fight through each of these locations because they are present throughout the city. The primary game mode in BattleOps is the story mode. After being brought out of a coma, you are instructed to raid the enemy base in search of weapons and kill everyone there. You will also be transferred to a new region with new objectives attached as soon as you finish some of the previously given ones. The game’s controls are intricately developed. The majority of combat actions, such reloading, fleeing, jumping over barriers, sitting or walking, bombing, using scopes, etc., can be carried out by the player. Additionally, BattleOps offers the auto shoot function. Every time you aim the viewfinder at the adversary, you’ll be able to attack him more swiftly thanks to this. If you want to aim and fire by hand, you may also disable this feature.

Realistic environment

The graphics in BattleOps are pretty similar to those in Call of Duty: Mobile, as you will quickly discover if you have ever played that game. You get the impression that you are on a genuine battlefield thanks to the realistic surroundings and the explosive effects. This element prolongs the player’s time spent in BattleOps. Even the story mode and multiplayer modes have a number of new maps that were introduced by the developer. Players can plan more strategies with their teammates as a result. The plot mode’s context, however, is continually shifting. Every chapter and battle phase transports you to a different setting.

Many modes to play

BattleOps offers three game modes: multiplayer, campaign, and story mode, as I already mentioned. They are all offline, of course. Although you can play without an internet connection, it will be challenging to coordinate attacks and provide support for one another since your partners are AI. BattleOps has a wide range of gaming options overall. You may experience FPS shooting in many different ways with three modes, along with a variety of fresh missions and content.


You need superior guns in addition to weapon proficiency to quickly take out opponents. You can indulge your interest with the BattleOps arsenal. There are numerous gun kinds with powerful firepower and striking aesthetics. Rifles and some shotguns appeal to me quite a bit. They are strong and can even kill foes with one shot. They do, however, recoil fairly strongly in response. To use them, you must have strong control. However, automatic and semi-automatic machine guns are better to test out if you’re a beginner. You can shoot foes more precisely because of their low recoil. The weapons you ought to pick are the M4-16 A, AUG, G36, or Micro Uzi. You can also modify the weapon system to deal more damage and do more damage quickly. Both raw materials and money are used in this procedure. Throughout the game’s quests, you can gather them.

MOD APK version of BattleOps

MOD feature

Unrestricted funds

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Download BattleOps APK & MOD for Android

Does BattleOps exist on your Android device? You pick up your weapon and enter the battleground right now despite the fact that the conflict is quite complicated.

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