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Name Battlefield Mobile
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Category Games
Version 0.6.0
Size 95M
Requires Android Network required
MOD Features No
Introduce about Battlefield MobileI'm content with the never-ending FPS shooting screens! This is a really strong rival for Apex Legends and Fortnite! Battlefield Mobile is a condensed versi...
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Introduce about Battlefield Mobile

I’m content with the never-ending FPS shooting screens! This is a really strong rival for Apex Legends and Fortnite! Battlefield Mobile is a condensed version of the Battlefield series made just for smartphones and tablets. Let’s briefly discuss the original PC version. Everyone who plays shooting is familiar with Battlefield. This first-person shooter (FPS) game features outstanding graphics built on the cutting-edge Frostbite engine and distinctive gameplay in a contemporary battlefield environment.


Depending on the abilities of each player, Battlefield Mobile combines large-scale combat and several game types. Free to play, but you can buy things with real money. You receive additional incentives as you play more. I can immediately respond to the question of how Battlefield Mobile differs from the first or the current crop of mobile shooters. In Battlefield Mobile, playing shooting involves more than just dashing, firing, and hiding—it also involves taking part in endless fights as a true superhero. You can either physically control a pilot and take control of the helicopter, allowing you to freely fire at the enemy below, or you can drive a large displacement vehicle to destroy the helicopter.

Success factors of Battlefield Mobile

In2021, Battlefield Mobile is anticipated to be the top shooting game. The majority of the fundamental gameplay mechanics from the PC version of the game were carried over to the mobile edition. The online-focused action on expansive landscapes, furious attacks infused with teamwork between players and NPCs, or amongst players, will be more immersive than ever. Not to mention engaging in several conflicts involving vehicles and aircraft that exuded a Mission Impossible vibe. The game presents a variety of challenging circumstances and contains unbelievable sights in all game types. You will have to fight atop a rocket that is set to launch, jump from a crumbling building, conquer a collapsing tower, or bury enemy bodies beneath the wreckage of a structure with a heavy tank. You’ll remember every combat in Battlefield Mobile.

A series of maps waiting to be conquered

Battlefield Mobile games are always centered around maps. You must employ all of your abilities and tactics to assault and fight successfully on these battlefields. You can use a melee weapon to shoot covertly, you can command an ATV to create explosive conflicts full of speed and surprise, you can walk to generate tactical agility, and you can even run the most horrifying campaign with an armored tank outfitted from top to bottom. While there are other side tasks inside, the main objective on the battlefield is to fight alongside allies, seize the initiative, and eliminate every adversary. To launch a significant geographical conflict, you can enlist in a battalion or create your own army. Winning will bring many worthwhile benefits, commensurate with the team’s dedication.


First, you can select an Assault, Support, Medic, or Recon character class from a list of four available options. Equipment and weapons are the physical representation of a person’s or a group’s strength. Maps and troop formations will serve as the foundation for all fights in Battlefield Mobile. Thus, it is our responsibility to work together and thoroughly discuss strategies with other players. The entire team will then jointly engage the opponent on the map. When you and your teammates select how to battle, set up the formation in such a methodical way, and choose to upgrade the battalion to fit the circumstances at the time, this is when Battlefield Mobile’s strategy is most clearly displayed. The goal of the team is continuously shifting as it advances through the levels. However, in order to increase its overall strength, the team must also constantly add to its supply of weapons and equipment. Each player’s and the team’s combat skills are constantly put to the test during the game. Therefore, everyone must engage in self-defense, cultivate their own mass-fighting skills, and simultaneously work well with colleagues. The ultimate spiritual objective of each individual playing in this game is to not let anyone carry the team alone or let anyone out of the game.

Graphics and sound

A whole day of talking about Battlefield Mobile’s graphics would be insufficient. First, even on an unusually enormous scale, the information on the map “may be deadly.” If you try to fly a fighter or drive a tank and bombard the enemy, the “broken displays” of the surrounding environment will dazzle you. There is no need to talk about the characters that are combat soldiers. They have magical abilities, fluid movement, and extremely varied and sharp weaponry. Even on the enemy side, each figure has a unique shape that reflects their individual personality. Every motion, gesture, and facial expression exudes a distinct aura. The entire battlefield is ablaze with the sound. You can hear running footsteps, teammates discussing tactics with one other. Above importantly, every weapon has incredible firepower that is communicated to the opponent through clear sound.
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Download Battlefield Mobile APK for Android

Every shooter who uses Battlefield Mobile will have their hands, ears, eyes, and valiant spirit satisfied. To be quite honest, I have nothing to complain about with such a high FPS.