Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia

Midjiwan Ab

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Name Battle of Polytopia
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Publisher Midjiwan Ab
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Size 73M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlocked
Introduce about Battle of Polytopia4x strategy game Battle of Polytopia is distinctive. It was first made available for the two operating systems Android ...
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Introduce about Battle of Polytopia

4x strategy game Battle of Polytopia is distinctive. It was first made available for the two operating systems Android and iOS by Midjiwan AB in 2016. Additionally, the game was formally released on Steam till August of this year. Since its debut, Battle of Polytopia has received numerous new features. You can now communicate with and compete against actual players. Additionally, the system is set up so that you can team up with opponents from the same tribe. Never before has a combat been so thrilling and grand. Download Battle of Polytopia today to get started creating your society!


There are two game types in Battle of Polytopia: solo player and multiplayer. You will face off against the game’s AI during the single-player campaign. There are two game modes available: Domination and Perfection. 30 turns are allotted for perfection. You have to try to outscore your opponent in order to win. This phase only lasts for about 10 minutes. To feel more at ease, play during break or right before bed. When you have to take turns eradicating all other adversaries and civilizations to establish yourself as the single ruler, dominance lasts a little longer. Personally, I like this mode better because it is more difficult and creates a dramatic atmosphere. Your opponents in a multiplayer campaign are actual players. Of course, in order to access a server, you must have a reliable internet connection. Might and Glory are two of the sub-modes included in the campaign. A scoring race is similar to glory mode. in which 10,000 points are the desired goal. The winner is the one who reaches this total first. Particularly with a strategy game like Battle of Polytopia, glory has a lot of attraction. To advance, one player seeks to limit the growth of the other. If you don’t have a long-term and effective enough development strategy, winning will take a lot of time. Fighting between clans becomes more intense in Might mode. Only the most strong, sophisticated, and rapidly expanding civilisation can rule. Never allowed to be judgmental because other civilizations have the potential to advance quickly. In Might, capturing tribes and uniting entire lands is the objective. Also, the single-player campaign is cost-free. You must pay to access the multiplayer campaign in the interim.

Grow your tribe

You’ll assume control of a tribe at the start of the Battle of Polytopia. To create the most technologically sophisticated society, your mission is to unlock, improve, and develop technology. Technology will provide strong resources and aid in your victory over other tribes in the game. Each match offers the opportunity to purchase technology. To collect stars, which serve as the primary money, you must construct cities. When you triumph in the conflict with other tribes, you can also get some special technology. The central component of Battle of Polytopia is the city. They resemble a resource that can be mined. The quantity of stars you obtain will depend on the level of that city, so work on building and upgrading it to earn more stars. You should also take the mission system into account. You may receive stars or buildings that advance your city if you finish them.

Turn-based strategy gameplay

Age of Empires and Battle of Polytopia both have similar beginning sequences. Your tribe had only one unit at first. They can go to places on the map where you can find and acquire resources. The fog extends to the map as well. Soldiers will need to look for other tribes’ locations and resources.

Unlock unique tribes

There are 15 different tribes in the Battle of Polytopia. Four of them are offered without charge, while payment is required to access the other 11 tribes. The tribes are constructed essentially in the same way as character classes in other strategy games. Each tribe possesses unique advantages and disadvantages. They employ several technologies as well. If you want to build the largest empire in this game, you must become an expert at this.

MOD APK version of Battle of Polytopia

MOD feature

Characters and multiplayer mode are now available.
You can also try other applications like Real Boxing 2, Top Speed, and Maybe: Interactive Stories.

Download Battle of Polytopia MOD APK for Android

For four years now, Battle of Polytopia has been available. The development team is still making great efforts to make the game and experience better for everyone, though. Additionally, we provide a MOD APK version of Battle of Polytopia, which unlocks the multiplayer feature for a richer gaming experience.

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