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Name Battery Guru: Battery Health
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Introduce about Battery GuruVoltage, current, temperature, and other parameters can all be monitored.What is Battery Guru?...
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Introduce about Battery Guru

Voltage, current, temperature, and other parameters can all be monitored.

What is Battery Guru?

Battery Guru is an app that displays battery usage information, measures battery capacity (mAh), and calculates battery estimates. It can then assist you in changing your charging habits by providing you with useful ideas on how to extend and boost battery life.
Battery Guru is designed to keep your battery in good shape and extend its life. In other words, you can use Battery Guru to manage your battery life and improve battery performance on your smartphone, reducing battery status, rapid battery depletion, overheating, and inefficient battery loss.

Why you should take care of the battery for mobile devices?

The life of the battery is finite. When you charge your phone, the battery degrades and the battery’s life is lowered slightly. The battery life will be drastically reduced if it is not charged properly or at the incorrect time. The battery can be quickly depleted when the lifespan is lowered, resulting in slower operation and a hotter gadget.
As a result, it is vital to look after the battery, reduce battery wear, and spend less time connecting the phone to the charger. This may necessitate the use of a program like Battery Guru, which specializes in consulting and supporting this task.

The main features of Battery Guru

Battery Guru includes a number of detailed features that will make your smartphone’s battery last longer and last longer. Everything is aimed toward one goal: to keep the battery in good working order.
Battery Guru has the following features:

  • Support for dual battery arrangement and measurement of real battery capacity (in mAh).
  • To get the most out of your battery, set up charge notifications and temperature alarms.
  • Since the latest disconnection, support wake-locks
  • The “remaining charge time notification” informs you of the time it will take to charge the battery.
  • Usage To discover when the phone will run out of battery, look at the time remaining indication.
  • Calculate the On/Off of the Screen
  • Examine the Deep Sleep/Awake Time Ratio.
  • Battery statistics are updated in real time, and you will receive detailed notifications on a regular basis.
  • Doze. Editor
  • Battery saving for advanced systems.

Doze is a feature that allows you to save battery life. With the screen’s auto-off feature, you can get your smartphone to standby faster, saving you power. And deep sleep optimization fine-tunes the parameters to ensure that your battery life is maximized.
The following parameters can be displayed on the status bar of your mobile device:

  • Current mA level
  • Temperature
  • Battery level
  • Or all these parameters at the same time

Detailed statistics on Device battery charging

Battery Guru provides a wealth of precise information to help customers better understand the status of their mobile battery charging and ensure that it has been charged correctly and efficiently:

  • Charge/discharge percentage and expected time to complete charge/discharge are included in the battery statistics.
  • Voltage, temperature, capacity, and battery health status are all displayed, as well as the charge/discharge history of the battery…
  • Deep sleep/awake time metrics by app, wake-locks, and device

Battery Guru also keeps track of charging. This profile will show you if you’re charging your battery properly, how healthy the charge is, and your charging history for the previous three months.
For battery temperature, charge limit, and abnormal battery usage, you can create reminders. The software sends you a notification once a certain threshold is met.

You can also try other applications like Mobizen Screen Recorder, Motionleap, and Prisma Photo Editor.

MOD APK version of Battery Guru

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Battery Guru APK & MOD for Android

If you notice that your phone quickly runs out of juice and heats up even when only used for a short period of time, it’s possible that the battery is to blame. Even before this occurs, prevention is better than cure, thus the recommendation is that you download Battery Guru right now to begin correctly using batteries and charging mobile devices.

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