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Name Ball Blast
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Package com.nomonkeys.ballblast
Publisher Voodoo
Category Arcade
Version 1.84
Size 76M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Ball BlastVoodoo has long been known for its straightforward yet incredibly addictive games. Many people would recall Helix Jump or when discussing Voodoo because the...
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Introduce about Ball Blast

Voodoo has long been known for its straightforward yet incredibly addictive games. Many people would recall Helix Jump or when discussing Voodoo because they once completely dominated the offline game market. In addition, this brilliant creator has released a new game named Ball Blast at the end of 2018. Currently, both iOS and Android users can download the game for free. This is an excellent option if you’re seeking for a fun amusement game.

Balls and numbers

The ball has so far consistently served as Voodoo’s unending source of product inspiration. The ball is the main emphasis of every game, whether it is Dune, Fire Up, or Rolly Vortex. This is a really intriguing argument since it shows how many diverse, highly addicting games can be made using simply basic balls. Additionally, the numbers that occur in this game appeal to individuals who enjoy math and use reasoning as a guiding principle when playing. Players should expect a lot of fascinating things from this combination.


In Ball Blast, your task is to steer a moving cannon to destroy adversaries. If you shift your finger to the side, the cannon will automatically discharge. Your adversary will descend from the sky with various numbers. The number will decrease as you strike the ball more slowly until it reaches zero, at which point it will explode and scatter gold coins. The ball, however, won’t stay motionless long enough for you to shoot. When falling to the earth, spheres that are round and have a very high degree of elasticity will bounce and keep falling. You lose if they are in the air when they land on you. And that’s not all! When you fire down a big ball, it will split into two other balls with a score equal to half of the original ball. Each time you shoot, they will continue to separate the scores until the ball size is insufficient to do so.

Many challenges

The size of the sphere has no bearing on the number of points it contains. If a ball is falling and splits in two, watch out lest it land on your head. Ball Blast, a game with small balls but many more than usual balls, is a case in point. These little balls are responsible for 30 percent of player fatalities, according to statistics. It mainly depends on your sanity and game mastery whether you realize this or not. You will score more points if you break more balls. The next level will become available once you have earned a particular quantity of points. However, as you advance through the levels, the game’s difficulty will rise. The ball appears more frequently and moves more quickly the higher the level of play. Such situations allow you to learn your limitations. The balls in Ball Blast will keep dropping until you commit a new error because it is designed in the form of an endless run game. However, that adds an intriguing sense to the game because participants will be psychologically motivated to play more to improve their record if they lose while the game is still in progress. Please give it your all and invite more friends to play.

Super big guns

As the level of difficulty rises, more sophisticated weaponry are needed to defeat them. When players get to the latter stages of the game, powerful firearms that allow for speedier ball-shooting are a must. Your ability will now be maximized by the money you earn throughout the course of the game when you use it to buy things from the store, like firecrackers. You will conquer every obstacle with the help of the cool-looking guns.


Like previous Voodoo games, Ball Blast offers attractive graphics that are straightforward. Wide views and more vibrant hues that change with each new level will keep you from getting bored. The improved cannons come with gorgeous extras as well. Even the pickiest players should be able to enjoy this game, in my opinion.

MOD APK version of Ball Blast

MOD feature

You have a lot of gems and unlimited money.

Note when using Ball Blast MOD

When running Ball Blast (MOD Unlimited Money), you might be perplexed if the game’s starting screen displays 0 coins. Be at ease. When playing, once you’ve gotten your first gold coin, you’ll get an endless supply of cash. You may use that money to unlock fireworks and a variety of other items in the store. You must still fire each cannon at the necessary level, though.
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Download Ball Blast APK & MOD for Android

You may play the straightforward game Ball Blast anytime, anywhere. A fantastic suggestion is to play a few games after each difficult class, after a long day at work, or even just when you wake up to feel motivated for the long day. Are you prepared to take part in this game of endless ball shooting?

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