Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Raw Fury

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Name Bad North: Jotunn Edition
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Package com.PlausibleConcept.BadNorthFull
Publisher Raw Fury
Category Games
Version 2.00.18
Size 27M
Requires Android 8.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Introduce about Bad North: Jotunn EditionTry playing Bad North: Jotunn Edition if you want a strategy game w...
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Introduce about Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Try playing Bad North: Jotunn Edition if you want a strategy game with innovative and fun gameplay. It was published by Raw Fury, a well-known independent game developer and publisher of Kingdom Two Crowns and Kingdom: New Lands.

The story

A kingdom on an island in the midst of the ocean serves as the setting for the game. When people were living in peace, the Vikings arrived and obliterated everything. They took the kingdom’s king captive and slaughtered him, leaving the area in disarray and isolation. You will have to command the army in battle and keep your country and people safe from invaders as the last descendant.


The gameplay in Bad North: Jotunn Edition is simple. In it, you’ll dispatch troops to the islands to stave off Viking invaders. If you succeed, you’ll get rewards, reinforcements, gear, and upgradeable stuff. Overall, the battles in this game are comparable to a little campaign, but it’s clever and a lot of fun. You position groups of soldiers throughout the island to build a strong defense wall. You need to do this in order to aid in your victory over the warlike Vikings. Played Plant vs. Zombies before? The way that Bad North: Jotunn Edition works is similar. Soldiers will assault without delay the moment they identify an adversary. The broader the island expanded, the worse it got. Your forces are constrained, to start. Second, the opponent grows stronger and more varied. They will rapidly reach the coast, then start looking for homes and other structures to destroy. You need to concentrate at that point and immediately think of sensible solutions. Send troops to destroy the enemy in the region where they are about to land. It’s likely that several enemy groups will launch simultaneous attacks. It would be great if you added more troops or temporarily gathered more for the purpose of defending some crucial locations.

Military units

New material, including ones for you and your opponents, becomes available over time. Swordsmen were the only available soldiers at first. But after that, you can call in pikemen and archers. When positioned correctly, these devices can reach their maximum potential. Consequently, Bad North: Jotunn Edition is a challenging strategy game. However, you can use each sort of unit’s offensive strategy to your advantage if you are aware of how it attacks. Swordsmen are the most dexterous and adaptable troop, while pikemen use long, powerful weapons to break opponent shields. Archers have a long range.

Four difficulty levels with lots of challenges

There are initially three options for the game’s difficulty levels: easy, medium, and challenging. Play at an easy level to start for new and inexperienced players before advancing gradually to higher ones. The really challenging level can be accessed after completing the third level. Level 4 challenges become more difficult quickly, necessitating extensive skill and knowledge on the part of the player to develop a winning plan. My playing experience has taught me certain tricks. First, keep the men away from the shoreline where the enemy is due to land. The boat’s hit will stun them, which is one of the reasons your soldiers will perish rapidly. This is a fairly subtle point that is unique to this game. Second, the altitude affects the archer’s range. In order to escape enemy attack, it is occasionally bad to place the archer in an unfavorable location. In the end, bigger homes recovered faster and healed more units. To safeguard your army, you should think about strengthening both your army’s units and your buildings.

MOD APK version of Bad North: Jotunn Edition

MOD feature

Unlimited Cash: You have a large amount of cash.

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Download Bad North: Jotunn Edition MOD APK for Android

A strategy game for Android with appealing graphics and intriguing content is called Bad North: Jotunn Edition. The battles are brief, usually lasting no more than a minute. As the war goes on, you will soon learn how your strategies worked. Which tactic is actually successful? What location should this unit be in? If you wish to advance in this game, you must respond to these questions.

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