Apps B612


App Name B612
Publisher SNOW, Inc.
Genre Apps
Size 95.0MB
Latest Version 10.3.11
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 17, 2021

In this day and age, we can take selfies and pictures any time we want to. Back then, it used to take hours just to get your picture taken. But thanks to the advancement of technology, we can take lasting memories in seconds. Even so, developers are still looking for ways to give us more reasons to take stunning pictures.
B612 is a camera filter and beauty app that was created by SNOW. This is probably one of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store with over 500 million installs! If you’re wondering what this app does, it’s basically an all-in-one camera app that allows you to use tons of filters, stickers and even music videos!

B612 Introduction
The advancement of technology is what allowed us today to take pictures in seconds. Aside from that, we can now use a lot of filters, edit videos and more with some stunning apps. We no longer have to be Photoshop experts either to create stunning masterpieces.

Now, thanks to apps such as B612, we can have a beauty camera app that does all things! There are over 1,500 unique stickers that you can use in this app that has an advanced facial recognition feature. You can also access some augmented reality stickers that can take your pictures to new levels. If that’s still not enough, you can edit your photos using the app to create collages and add some cute elements. Lastly, you can also create music videos in this app thanks to the diverse effects and tunes!

Stunning Features of B612
Most apps nowadays are multi-functional. Meaning, they can do a lot of things that you need! B612 is one of these advanced apps. To know more, here are its features:

Incredible Filters and Stickers – The main feature of B612 that most people find appealing are the 1,500 stickers that you can use! There are tons of these stickers in the app that you can instantly use thanks to the facial recognition feature of the app. You can instantly turn into a cute animal or you can have perfect skin with just one tap! You can also find your ideal face shape and impress your family and friends. Nothing is impossible in this app! There are tons of filters as well that you can use. They are perfect for selfies, landscapes, food and more.

Curate Music Videos – Did you think that this was just an ordinary filter app? Think again! B612 is a multi-purpose app that can also create music videos. In here, you can easily create music videos that have exciting tunes, diverse effects and more features to easily create your videos. You can also access playback speeds and more to give you more control for your videos. Now, you don’t have to use third-party editing apps to create stunning videos when you can do it in this app!

Cute Characters using AR – This app is so advanced that it also has augmented reality features that you can use. Use AR stickers to meet cute characters that come to life and make your pictures and videos more exciting! Now, you can take fun boomerang videos as well as enjoy a wide variety of effects for your selfies.

Easy interface – What truly sets this app apart is the great and simple user interface. You can easily access tons of filters and effects with just a few taps! You don’t even have to be a master editor in order to do so. The app will do all the heavy lifting now since you have so much features in here.