Apps AZWhatsApp


App Name AZWhatsApp
Publisher Sam Mods
Genre Apps
Size 45MB
Latest Version 10.90
Update September 16, 2021

Online messaging has never been made this simple. Developer Sam Mods is best known for creating the most convenient of upgrades to preexisting applications. These can include Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. And the latter is where this application comes into account. Introducing, the AZWhatsApp new version of the already super-accessible online messenger.

Original WhatsApp Features
Being an upgrade from the original WhatsApp online messenger, the AZ version will still include all of the basic features from its predecessor. So, it’s expected to have all of the following when choosing to use this rendition over the infant variant:

Free Messaging: Users have unlimited access to text, voice chat, and call their friends, family, associates, and business partners at no cost. The only think necessary is an Internet connection. Meaning, WhatsApp even saves money by avoiding SMS fees and charges.
Group Chats: It’s amazingly simple to keep in contact with the ones that matter most. Furthermore, the app allows up to 250 different people to enter a group chat at once. In addition, the group can be named; notifications can be customized and muted at will.
Voice Chat & Video Calls: Similar to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Online Messenger has free voice and video call options. Without using a mobile device’s minutes, there is an unlimited access of face-to-face conversations, as long as there’s Internet. This is perfect, when texting and voice calls just aren’t enough and intimacy is wanted.
PC Compatibility: Whatever device is most convenient, WhatsApp and compensate. The online messenger service can be oved over from mobile to PC and Desktop at any time. Regardless, of the situation, there’s always a time to use this app.
Photo & Video Sharing: Photos and videos and instantly be shared between messengers. In fact, the app also has a built-in camera to quickly capture a moment out of impulse.
Security Encryption: The team behind WhatsApp cares about its users’ privacy. Everyone has personal information being shared between messages. Thus, they have done their best to keep all activity between all messages encrypted and protected. Safety is the #1 priority when using an app – especially if the app has personal info being swapped regularly.
Voice Message Compatibility: There are some things a simple text message cannot express. And that’s where voice messaging comes in. To this extent, anyone can save a ton of time and effort on asserting their feelings. Rather than a boring and mundane text, add more personality through using voice to truly get the message across.
What is Added with AZWhatsApp?
As previously noted, the AZWhatsApp new version update has tons of improvements that outshine the original.

First, and the most noticeable change – the red tones integrated into the interface. This may or may not be an improvement, depending on who is using the application.
Next, is the additional ability to schedule future messages and conversation. Create a reminder and get notified when the time to send you message has arrived.
Also, users will have the ability to hold hidden conversations with their friends, associates, and business partners. Keep your privacy…well, private.
Are you conversing with someone from a different culture? If that’s the case, users can also translate conversations of various languages between all parties.
Use this feature to learn more about an unknown language, or just make the messaging experience more convenient for everyone.

There are also different styles that can be used to change your blue checks on “read” messages and chat bubbles. This is just a simple touch to help you personalize AZWhatsApp for Android.
In addition, the server is open to download tons of different themes as well. So, not only can you customize the smaller aspects of the app, but also the entire theme and background.
Not only this, but the app includes wallpapers and GIFs with matching colors to the interface. Each of these cosmetic aspects blend smoothly with the app’s interface to make all of your messages look natural.
Video sizes have also been increased from the original version. At first, the largest video you could distribute would be 16. This amount has more than tripled into a maximum of 50mb per video.
That is only aspect of the app that has been expanded upon from the original. Now, profile statuses can be extended from 139 characters to a whopping 250 characters in total.
User stories are now able to be downloaded. Keep a record of the most important or appealing statuses you come across.
Also, the ability to block audio deliveries is very much possible when using AZWhatsApp.
Of course, there are still many more minor details included in the app. Although, they are better off discovering on your own.