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Avira Security Antivirus & VPN


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Name Avira Security Antivirus & VPN
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Package com.avira.android
Publisher Avira
Category Apps
Version 7.12.3
Size 40M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Prime Unlocked
Introduce about Avira Security Antivirus & VPNAvira was formed in2006, however they had a lot of applications prior to that, dating back to 1986. Th...
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Introduce about Avira Security Antivirus & VPN

Avira was formed in2006, however they had a lot of applications prior to that, dating back to 1986. This is the first anti-virus tool I’ve used, and I’m sure you’re familiar with the renowned red umbrella icon. However, it was only popular on the PC operating system at the time, but it is now available on Android to reach a larger audience. Download the software today to ensure that your device is fully protected, with a wide selection of malware removal options. Additionally, you will receive free system optimization as well as a free VPN to secure your privacy while surfing the web.

Protect your phone

Unlawful infiltration into electronic equipment is now quite widespread for the purposes of stealing data, installing malicious code, and other illegal activities. Furthermore, in some countries, there are many appealing games in beta, so users frequently go online to get external APK files to install on their Android devices. You face the risk of receiving malware if you download files from untrustworthy sites. Furthermore, insecure security systems can jeopardize your security when using public hotspots. Hackers can simply intercept and read data calls. These are just a few of the ways in which hackers can infiltrate your device. Downloading games via IPHONESIDE and using Avira Security Antivirus & VPN are two other ways to protect your device and play games safely. This application will assist you in scanning your entire device for malicious code and instantly removing it. Hacker assaults and malicious programs will be prevented on your device.


Avira Security Antivirus & VPN offers 100MB of free VPN each day in addition to anti-virus protection, so you may surf the web safely. When visiting harmful websites by accident, you do not need to be concerned about malicious code. The application will keep your identity hidden and will allow you to access websites that have been prohibited due to your geographic location. As a result, you won’t need to install any other VPN software; Avira Antivirus 2021 will enough because it includes numerous popular features to suit all of the needs of customers.


As previously said, Avira Security Antivirus & VPN includes numerous tools that help to improve the system. One of its most important benefits is the ability to speed up your phone. When your device breaks every time you open a specific program or your connection is unstable, use Avira Security Antivirus & VPN since it will scan for trash files while also scanning your device for harmful code. This program automatically deletes garbage files and speeds up your phone by deactivating some apps that aren’t needed to operate the device. Not only that, but the program also improves your network connection speed for faster and safer web browsing. In addition, the application comes with a slew of other features that I’ll go over presently.

You can also try other applications like Smart AudioBook Player, XBrowser, and ProShot.

MOD APK version of Avira Security Antivirus & VPN

MOD feature

Prime Unlocked: IPHONESIDE’s MOD version includes all of the free version’s features as well as some of the Pro version’s. It’s worth noting that some functionalities might not work.

What’s include in Prime?

Avira Security Antivirus & VPN is a free antivirus and VPN program. It also has a lot of advertisements for the maintenance budget, and many features are restricted. Applock, microphone, and camera protection are some of the functions that the free version lacks… Avira also offers a Prime version of Avira Security Antivirus & VPN, which has even more fantastic features and, of course, no bothersome adverts while in use.

Download Avira Security Antivirus & VPN APK & MOD for Android

This Anvira app is simply incredible. The new innovation that draws consumers is that it has a lot of capabilities packed into a basic antivirus portion. If you have any issues when using it, please rate it and write a comment below.April 04, 2022

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