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Name Avast One
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Package com.avast.android.antivirus.one
Publisher Avast Software
Category Apps
Version 2.5.1
Size 14M
Requires Android 6.0
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Introduce about Avast OneAntivirus, mobile optimization, and a slew of other useful toolsWhy do you need an anti-virus app on your phone?In the past, hacks, data penetration, a...
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Introduce about Avast One

Antivirus, mobile optimization, and a slew of other useful tools

Why do you need an anti-virus app on your phone?

In the past, hacks, data penetration, and information theft on the internet were common targets for PCs and laptops. However, this hazard is now also present on mobile devices. A modern smartphone with many built-in functionalities is a great place to keep a lot of vital data, photographs, and personal information. Smartphones, for many people, contain much more personal information than PCs and laptops. As a result, it’s not unexpected that more and more methods and gimmicks are being used to assault consumers’ mobile phones. And, in order to limit these pervasive hazards, you’ll need to be well-prepared, which means downloading an excellent anti-virus app to your phone or tablet.

What is Avast One?

Avast One is a mobile and tablet antivirus and optimization program for Android. Many people recognize and trust this software for its comprehensive protection as well as a variety of detailed features that help the phone run faster and more efficiently. It’s also important to note that it’s fully free and ad-free to use.

Powerful Firewall and Web Shield features

Your phone will be multi-dimensionally protected from various unwelcome incursions of viruses, malicious websites, hacking software, blackmail, or spyware with Avast One’s Firewall and Web Shield capabilities. To keep malicious agents out, Avast One always sets up a default firewall. Avast One, on the other hand, will clear up all the risks that are hiding around your phone from multiple sources by scanning continuously, 24 hours a day, through all user actions, on all apps that are operating, going to be downloaded, and the full process of using the phone. In the event of suspected malware for the device, Avast One’s automated real-time deep virus scanning through default operation is much more powerful than much other similar software in that: Avast One can automatically scan deeper, more times on its own. Avast One will check all files and folders on the device while in this automatic deep scan mode. This is done without causing any bother or hindrance while you are on the phone. Avast One’s Web Shield has a handy function that helps you avoid unsafe websites by blocking rogue websites and automatically correcting mistyped URLs. Avast One also includes a Ransomware Protection function. This function will aid in the prevention of ransomware on your phone. It can also be used to secure a number of folders on the device. You may also build a White List with Ransomware Protection, which is a list of websites and programs that have special permission to access your phone while it is in use.

Unique optimization capabilities

Avast One is known as a powerful optimization tool in addition to proactive protection and continuous malware scanning during the utilizing process. Avast One, in particular, can detect which applications are active and consuming a lot of memory, even if you think you’ve stopped them but they’re still running in the background. Avast One will assist you in locating and removing those apps, websites, and software. This will free up memory, keep your phone clean, improve the general performance of your smartphone, and make it function substantially faster. Avast One also helps you clean up your phone on a regular basis by removing garbage, image files, and information that has been deleted but not totally erased.

Effective VPN service

Apart from the aforementioned capabilities, Avast One also provides a free VPN service, which establishes a safe and private connection between users and any Internet. This functionality also allows you to efficiently and simply prevent DNS and IP leaks with just one click on the screen. It can, however, assist you in accessing any prohibited websites in order to watch movies, read books, or listen to music. Furthermore, Avast One’s VPN allows you to change your device’s location to any of 35 countries and access prohibited websites. In comparison to other antivirus software for mobile, this is a unique feature of Avast One.

Actively protect user privacy

Avast One also contains a number of minor features, all of which are aimed at keeping users safe. The protection features of Avast One will block all dangerous data entry on your phone, such as the Wifi Scan tool, which examines the network’s password strength and encryption, delivering warnings so that users may avoid joining insecure or high-risk privacy violations when using. Avast One can also assist you in determining whether the passwords you use for critical accounts have been compromised. You can also use this lookup capability to see if any of your accounts’ ID and password combinations are at risk of being matched or identified by a random hacking tool. From there, you may be more proactive about changing passwords and checking the security of your personal internet accounts on a regular basis.

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MOD APK version of Avast One

MOD feature

Unlocked Premium

Download Avast One APK & MOD for Android

Allow Avast One to download to your smartphone, and you’ll have a strong anti-virus program ready to safeguard your phone at any time and in any location, as well as optimize your phone’s performance.

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