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Name Avakin Life
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Publisher Lockwood Publishing Ltd
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Version 1.063.01
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Requires Android 5.0Network required
MOD Features Unlocked
Introducing Avakin Life - The virtual worldThere are usually a lot of people playing the games that replicate real life. The Sims Mobile by Electronic Arts and Home Street by Supersolid are ...
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Introducing Avakin Life – The virtual world

There are usually a lot of people playing the games that replicate real life. The Sims Mobile by Electronic Arts and Home Street by Supersolid are two notable examples. These games let us to do whatever we want without paying regard to restrictions, giving players the satisfaction of independently exploring an entirely new world. Such a game is Avakin Life by Lockwood Publishing. Since its April22,2016, release, the game has received more than 10 million downloads via Google Play. You may easily dress yourself, shop, explore, and meet and make friends with other gamers from across the world in the lovely 3D world. You have a wonderful chance to live a second life and attempt to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Create your character

You can customize a character’s skin tone, hairdo, face, and apparel in addition to picking a character with the appropriate appearance. a tall, attractive man with romantic hair and fashionable attire? a sweet, happy girl who always beams at the guys? A hip-hop person with a distinctive, “crazy” sense of style? Why not create the character you have in mind right now? Players are encouraged to develop unique styles in Avakin Life. There are countless variations of hairstyles, outfits, shoes, and skirts in the game. The world’s best fashion brands are available for purchase. You are given some money to buy and unlock the clothing types you want when the game first starts. Working and completing everyday tasks will earn you money and experience points.

Build your dream home and find a job

No doubt. In any world, if you want to make money, you must work. In contrast to the actual world, Avakin Life does not require you to have any prior experience, a college degree, or any other qualification in order to choose a profession you enjoy. A cafe waitress, perhaps? A cabbie or a manager of a restaurant? Pick your favorite jobs, put in a lot of effort, and make as much money as you can. You can design and create the house of your dreams in addition to dressing up your avatar. Move decorations and furniture if necessary to make room within the home. This also aids in leveling up by helping you accumulate many experience points.

Party all night

“Play hard, work hard.” After a long day at work, you dress to impress and spend the evening attending parties in the city, whether it’s a nightclub or a wild music party at a friend’s house. This is a terrific area for you if you enjoy meeting, dating, and chit-chatting with new people thanks to Avakin Life’s features for doing so. Make friends and chat with players from all over the world. There is a sizable international community for the game. If you’re an adult and want to make acquaintances with new people, this is totally acceptable. The fact that there are so many options for strangers to contact with you and gather personal information for malicious motives makes this risky for young users. Avakin Life hence only accepts players who are at least 17 years old.


I have to confess that the graphics in Avakin Life are incredibly detailed and lifelike. superior 3D visuals that are sharp and depict every detail. You can better examine your surroundings thanks to the view. People are impressively created with a variety of actions that are simulatively near to real-world actions. Avakin Life requires your device to be linked to 3G or WiFi because it is an online game.

MOD APK version of Avakin Life

You will enjoy using the MOD APK version of Avakin Life, which was created solely by the staff of IPHONESIDE.

MOD features

All things in this edition are unlocked, and you can use them without having to buy them from a store. Due to the fact that this game is an online one, MOD Avacoins are not possible. A website that advertises that it has the MOD version is completely bogus. Take care when doing that. MOD Menu: Newer iterations of the game do not support this feature. Avoid looking for that!

Note about the MOD APK version

Since this is an online game, only you will be able to use the MOD unlocks for costumes and things. Your clothing won’t be visible to other players. You can also try other applications like SimCity BuildIt, FRAG Pro Shooter, and Dead Trigger 2.

Download Avakin Life MOD APK for Android

You can play the game Avakin Life for free whenever and wherever you like. Join this game right away to make interesting new acquaintances from all over the world. If required, you can access a MOD version by clicking the link below. You will gain access to unlimited Avacoins/Gems as well as the opportunity to own every item in the shop.

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