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Assistant Pro for Android

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Name Assistant Pro for Android
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Package com.androidassistant.paid
Publisher Aa Mobile
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Version 24.18
Size 1M
Requires Android Android
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Introduce about Assistant Pro for AndroidAssistant Pro for Android: Organize and ma...
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Introduce about Assistant Pro for Android

Assistant Pro for Android: Organize and manage your Android phone and tablet with ease.

What’s Assistant Pro for Android different from previous virtual assistant apps on phones?

When it comes to phone-enabled apps, you’re probably familiar with names like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. However, there must be a reason for an app like Assistant Pro for Android to exist that combines numerous functionalities into one. The reason for this is due to the variations in function that these names lack.

Assistant Pro for Android is a better choice

There was a time when Google Now, a virtual assistant that works on both iOS and Android, was the talk of the town. However, Google Now also showed numerous fundamental flaws, such as web search, and supplied the required results in a terrible manner. Users will also find the supplied features inconvenient. Meanwhile, the main program interface shows Assistant Pro for Android, which has multitasking capabilities, a simple style, and batch functions. As a result, Assistant Pro for Android is clearly more convenient. Users may easily locate a comprehensive phone management solution to help them utilize their phone more effectively, enhance efficiency, and save battery life.

Smart multitasking cleaning and management feature set

Assistant Pro for Android can help you manage practically everything on your phone, allowing you to keep your phone organized and productive. The process management functionality is the first (Auto Boost and Quick Boost). Assistant Pro for Android can discriminate between different sorts of processes, ensuring that vital apps and system operations are not overlooked. Then there’s the tool that helps you better control your phone’s status. Assistant Pro for Android keeps track of the device’s detailed status in real time, including the CPU, AM capacity, ROM, SD card, and battery. That way, you can always check the current condition, see if the capacity is full or not, if a part is taking up too much memory, or if the battery needs to be charged. This information will enable you to respond quickly, such as by proactively organizing files to reduce memory strain and preparing for the download of new files. If you don’t want to clean your phone yourself, you can use Assistant Pro for Android’s Cache Cleanup tool. This procedure will clear the system and search mobile storage kinds such as cache, thumbnail cache, temporary files, log files, empty folders, empty files, browser history, clipboard, historical markets, Gmail history, and Google Earth history. This program will recalculate the size of each item and provide recommendations to help users select which portions to keep and which to discard (based on opening frequency, file usage, or file download date…). This feature is especially useful for those of you who have large-capacity phones and have experienced information congestion as a result of storing and copying too many data. The program will automatically clean and organize your phone, and you may then see and delete as many items as you wish.

Help save battery and manage startup

Assistant Pro for Android also assists users in managing files and the bootloader, hence conserving battery life through automatic modes such as Bluetooth, Wifi, Gps, Auto-sync, Auto-rotate screen, Haptic feedback, Screen brightness, and Standby time. As a result, your phone will use less battery power than before. You’ll love Assistant Pro for Android’s automatic management, cleaning, and handling, especially when it comes to battery life.

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Control a series of extra features on the phone

You can also control many other little aspects with Assistant Pro for Android, such as volume control, re-picking the phone ringtone, selecting the startup time, and simply accessing the app screen, where everything will be shown in one spot. You can simply manipulate without having to switch back and forth between different functions, as you would if you were doing it on the phone. Assistant Pro for Android also aids in the efficient and orderly management of widgets. It also allows you to install, backup, and restore applications in bulk, even if your device isn’t connected to the internet. In general, Assistant Pro for Android can help you with the majority of your phone’s chores. You can modify everything on your phone by going to the main screen of Assistant Pro for Android.

Download Assistant Pro for Android APK free for Android

One of the programs you should download for Android is Assistant Pro, which will help you save battery, manage everything carefully, monitor, and execute all side tasks swiftly. Let’s get this essential app on your phone so you can have a better experience with it.

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