Art of War: Legions

Art of War: Legions

Fastone Games Hk

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Name Art of War: Legions
Updated On
Publisher Fastone Games Hk
Category Strategy
Version 5.7.1
Size 155M
Requires Android 4.4 and up
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
Introduce about Art of War: LegionsStrategy games have been popular for a long time. It draws a significant number of ...
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Introduce about Art of War: Legions

Strategy games have been popular for a long time. It draws a significant number of players due to its appealing gameplay, which is not as noisy and sophisticated as the role-playing genre but can still keep them glued to the screen for hours. Art of War: Legions is in line with everything I’ve said thus far. In particular, we will look at this in the next parts of the text.


You will become a commander in Art of War: Legions, leading your army to the battlefield and defeating the opposing troops. The amount of warriors and troops you fight will change depending on your level.

Of course, the adversary will get stronger with time, so you must carefully plan your tactics and soldiers, as well as organise them in a respectable location before the conflict begins. I normally keep the archers in the rear since they can strike from a distance, while the infantry, Common Troop, and hero units will block the opponent’s move.

The battlefield was initially modest, with a maximum of nine troops (including Troop, not including heroes). However, as the level progresses, it will grow, allowing you to amass additional armies.

Hero collection

Despite the fact that it is a strategy game, if your troops are too weak, you will not be able to win. As a result, the presence of the heroes serves to supplement this. They are very powerful and possess unique personal abilities. You may utilise the icons at the bottom of the screen to recover after each waiting time.

Where can you look for a hero? Stay in the card or hero box, and you must purchase them with Gems.

What sort of hero exists? There are three kinds: uncommon, epic, and legendary. When opening the card, this is also the split of power and rarity. Legendary heroes are the most powerful. They have better stats, but you’ll need a lot of cards to obtain them.

What about authority? Not just military troops, but also heroes, contributed to the game’s strategy. For example, the Bull Demon King – Minotaur has higher attacking stats and can boost all warriors’ defences. And Little of Life – Green may boost the health of comrades during fight. Choose a good hero based on your plan to increase your chances of victory.


Troop and hero units have the ability to be upgraded. However, depending on the technique, they may be used in a variety of ways. The heroes have their own upgrading interface, which allows them to raise the amount of effect of certain talents, such as defensive and attack numbers. Soldier troops may only be improved when you are preparing for war. You will need to purchase units and then assemble them. In the worst-case scenario, if an army is lost, you would have nothing and will have to start from scratch. However, the Barracks feature allows you to do this task more swiftly. They will bring together all units of the same rank. Both methods are expensive in terms of Coins and Gems.

Task system

Art of War: Legions offers a system of additional quests. You will get cash and jewels for each completed level. They are used to enlist units in fights or to purchase cards in the shop in order to obtain heroes. At level 15, the system becomes available. However, there are now just two parts: “Snow adventure” and “Desert treasure quest.” Each of them features five obstacles that you may conquer and return to complete more than once.

Furthermore, in order to fulfil daily duties, you will need to earn achievements during combat. For instance, slay 50 archers, utilise the hero’s talents 10 times, upgrade troops, or accomplish arena tasks.

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