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Army Commander

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Name Army Commander
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Package com.iu.armypioneer
Publisher Lion Studios
Category Casual
Version 1.1
Size 77M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Tags
Introduce about Army CommanderThis incredibly fun tactical combat game is a first step in becoming familiar with the tactical genre!A stepping stone for newbiesYou've never tried ...
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Introduce about Army Commander

This incredibly fun tactical combat game is a first step in becoming familiar with the tactical genre!

A stepping stone for newbies

You’ve never tried playing a war strategy game, so you’re a little afraid to do so. In part because you are unfamiliar with these occasionally dull strategy games, in part because it is reported that they are difficult. If that describes you, do not fear because there is an intermediate train to assist you in getting beyond this challenge and becoming accustomed with this interesting, dramatic, yet mind-expanding game genre. Army Commander is a lighthearted war strategy game with a charming and enjoyable design. Because the game’s strategy is not overly complex, anyone unfamiliar with the genre can still play. You’ll develop stronger strategy skills as you progress through the levels. You’ll get more enthusiastic and aware of why so many players are engrossed in Army Commander as you go deeper into the game. And you’ll get a lot of experience to get ready for the more difficult mobile strategy games. A significant stepping stone, yes?


Army Commander sends you into battle to defend your nation or retake territory that the enemy has invaded. The decision to attack or entrench must be thoroughly thought out if you don’t want to waste your forces. You will be the army commander, holding all combat power in your hands. You must coordinate troops, divide strongholds, and decide whether to attack or entrench. To seize the enemy’s flag at any costs and by all available means is your main objective in each stage.

Build your army, get ready for battle

Cards are used as currency in Army Commander. You will have additional opportunities to create your army and barracks and make them stronger as you accumulate more card units. You can unlock additional improvements, new tools, and weaponry after each victory. Either you can assault or protect. In any case, you will receive strong armored tanks and bazookas to take down a variety of far-off foes and epic fighters. You should think about sending assistance to the conflicts, such as reinforcements in soldiers or supplies for the soldiers fighting here, in addition to sending troops to the battlefield and supplying current weapons and equipment.

Long-term war strategy

In addition, Army Commander encourages the development of substantial bases as part of a long-term military plan. You need to amass a large number of cards, sell them, and then unlock the combat barracks in order to build bases. With more men and more barracks on the battlefield, your chances of winning increase along with the thickness of the front line. You don’t have to battle too rapidly to win swiftly, but you do need to take your time and consider your options wisely. Consider picking which army to deploy first, how many cards to use to construct barracks or bases, or how many cards to use to augment the arsenal of the present army. Every choice you make today will have an impact on how you fight tomorrow and decide your long-term survival. You will be promoted in accordance with your accomplishments, the size of the army, and the quantity of bases and barracks that you have under control. Another major incentive for playing this game is seeing how noble the titles get. Any senior-sounding name that comes to mind, such as Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Captain, can be used.

Is playing Army Commander difficult?

Army Commander is not too challenging at first, but as a normal strategy game that is quite enjoyable and light, its tasks get progressively harder as you progress. You will learn how to create a military strategy during the game and obtain more experience for later, more difficult strategy games. In Army Commander, you can navigate by simply dragging, tapping the screen, and choosing the required feature items. Thinking strategically and having your own vision, which is the essence of success, are crucial.

MOD APK version of Army Commander

MOD feature

No limits on tags
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Download Army Commander APK & MOD for Android

Army Commander is not a particularly challenging game to play, but developing a strong strategy is necessary. Army Commander is a perfectly fair option if you’re searching for a war strategy game to try and develop a taste for this genre.

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