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Name Archero
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Package com.habby.archero
Publisher Habby
Category Action
Version 3.11.4
Size 211M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features God Mode, High Damage
About ArcheroAlthough Habby is a less well-known publisher, their games are incredibly intriguing and distinctive. On Google Play, there are a few games that are comparatively well-liked, su...
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About Archero

Although Habby is a less well-known publisher, their games are incredibly intriguing and distinctive. On Google Play, there are a few games that are comparatively well-liked, such as Slidey: Block Puzzle and Flaming Core. Although it was only recently released, their most recent game has amassed hundreds of millions of downloads on Google Play and received numerous favorable comments and reviews. A review of Archero is given below.

Archer hero

You are the best archer in your kingdom in Archero, and your job is to battle the evil forces. Because there are so many of them and you are by alone with the bow as company, things are not simple. They won’t stop till you’re dead. So fight to the death and become the world’s greatest hero.

Many challenges

You have to defeat various monster classes with varying abilities in each stage. They could arrive from the door, your back, or even right where you are standing. If you don’t want to perish in this place full of demons and creatures, stay vigilant and maintain the concentration you require. There are also a lot of traps and barriers. The stones’ ability to launch several fireballs that move electric traps. They have the power to harm you or temporarily disable you. With our Archero MOD version, you can increase damage every attack to help you finish the level more quickly and easily. Additionally, you will be able to extend the strike range and attack speed. We hope that the three elements we offer will improve your gaming experience.

Thousands of monsters

The most important thing you must do when playing Archero is categorize the monsters. Monsters in the game can attack from a distance and shoot lasers, among other assault methods. Knowing how they attack will help you move to avoid being hit by gunfire and pick a comfortable and secure spot for the attack. There is a different land associated with each step. You can enter the door and move on to new lands after finishing a land. Play the earlier stages again if the nearby lands are too challenging. The game does not require you to move and pick up every coin in order to help you concentrate on combating enemies. The quantity of money that drops off once you have defeated all enemies will immediately fall into your pocket.

Weapons and skills

You can buy weapons and skins with the money you earn by slaying enemies. Upgrades can also make characters and weapons stronger. You can initially only fire one arrow at a time. After you upgrade your bow and arrow, that number can be increased to 7 arrows. The game’s skill system is quite impressive. There are numerous skills available, each with its own unique affects. Select a talent that works with the weapon and character you are using. Pets must also be included because they are your dependable allies on the battlefield. They can injure you more, heal you, or attack foes.

Impressive image

Archero not only boasts engaging gameplay, but also amazing visuals. Beautiful 3D visuals and vibrant colors make it possible to play video games nonstop for long periods of time without becoming fatigued. hundreds of characters, and thousands of amusing, cute chibi monsters. You can see the entire game and maneuver to fend off monster attacks because of the top-down perspective. Every stage has a different setting and map for you to explore. You’re in for a lot of exciting things in this game.

MOD APK version of Archero

MOD feature

  • You have 65000 HP in God Mode.
  • High Injury
  • You have 65000 HP in God Mode.
  • High Injury


Before starting a battle, you must activate the MOD feature.

Why not you MOD Unlimited Money in this game?

because it is impossible.

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Download Archero APK & MOD for Android

No player ever claims that the game is simple. Even if the gameplay is not brand-new, Archero still has a lot of challenging tasks in store for you. This is still a great option if you’re looking for a challenge or a fun way to pass the time.

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